Pribnow box

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The Pribnow box is a testing facility inside of Nerv HQ, located in the Sigma Unit region of the base. It is where the Evangelion Simulation bodies and the control center for performing tests with them are located. In Episode 13, the Angel Ireul infiltrates Nerv HQ through a contaminated panel (the "87th protein wall") recently installed in the Pribnow box, and proceeds to infect the entire area, including the simulation bodies. After the Pribnow box is evacuated, the Angel uses the systems it has infected to connect to the Magi supercomputers and hack into them.


  • The "Pribnow box" is the promoter site on prokaryote DNA, which causes RNA polymerase to bind and begin translating the strand into RNA. A "polysome" is the term for a cluster of ribosomes, which translate mRNA into proteins.