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Mari (マリ) is the new character to be introduced in Evangelion 2.0, a brunette with glasses and long pigtails who seems to be in the same age group as the Eva pilots. Her full name has not yet been disclosed. She appears for a mere two cuts in the preview for 2.0 at the end of the first movie.


  • Her first name was revealed in the Nintendo DS Petite Eva@School game.[1]
  • Before her actual name surfaced, Mari was known exclusively among fans as "Glasses Girl" (めがねのこ in Japanese).
  • Mari's glasses and long, dark hair has invited much comparison with the character Mayumi Yamagishi from the Sega Saturn game Neon Genesis Evangelion: Second Impression, although the two characters have distinctly different appearances.
  • Mari is speculated to be the pilot for Eva-05 or Eva-04, although no official statements have yet been made on the matter.


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