Kaji and Shinji (Relationship)

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Shinji looks up to Kaji as a sort of mentor, and accepts behavior in him that he would disapprove of in other characters. For instance, in Episode 08 when Kaji asks him about Misato's sleeping habits, implying that Shinji and Misato might be in a sexual relationship and simultaneously implying that he is intimately familiar with these habits as well, Shinji just laughs. If anyone else asked him that same question he would probably have stuttered with embarrassment, barely able to get out a denial.

However, Kaji's own feelings regarding Shinji are unclear at best and generally never talked about, much like Kaji's feelings regarding anyone. It might be also worth noting that Shinji didn't seem to express aproval at Kaji's cynical view of the unavoidable distance regarding the relationship between men and women.