Jet Alone

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Jet Alone is a powerful giant robot developed by a rival defense contractor to NERV, designed to supplant the Evangelions. Unlike the Evangelions, which have a limited internal power supply and must rely on external power cables for extended usage, Jet Alone has an on-board nuclear reactor and can essentially function indefinitely in combat.

Jet Alone appears in Episode 7, when the prototype is unveiled in a public demonstration at Old Tokyo. However, the project was secretly sabotaged by Gendo Ikari and Ritsuko Akagi, resulting in Jet Alone losing control and turning into a walking nuclear bomb. Misato Katsuragi struggled desperately to manually insert Jet Alone's emergency shut down code before its reactor went meltdown, however, it was never intended to actually explode. Gendo simply intended for the rival defense contractor to lose face, so the Jet Alone project would not be continued.