Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force

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The Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force (JSSDF) is a military organization under the direct command of the Japanese Ministry of Defense. The JSSDF was formed in 2003 in response to the outbreak of war between China and Vietnam over the Spratley Islands as a result of post-Second Impact tensions. As a result of this new political climate, Article 9 of the Japanese constitution (which forbid Japan from maintaining an offensive military force after World War II) was apparently abolished.

The JSSDF functions in coordination with United Nations forces in providing support for Nerv and the Evangelions when they attempt to repel Angel attacks.

The JSSDF arsenal includes N² Mines.

However, in The End of Evangelion, Seele (through the UN) orders the JSSDF to invade Tokyo-3 in a massive leave-no-survivors assault. The JSSDF easily turns on its former allies, mercilessly advancing through Nerv HQ and unconditionally terminating any personnel they encounter.