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Number 6th
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Defeated by Evangelion Unit-02

Gaghiel is the Sixth Angel, a giant prehistoric-fish like creature, and the only aquatic Angel.


Gaghiel attacked the UN Pacific Fleet's naval convoy transporting Evangelion Unit 02 and its pilot, Asuka Langely Soryu, to Japan. Gaghiel severely damaged the fleet, but appeared to be searching for something (actually, Adam, secretly being transported with the convoy by Kaji. Thinking fast, Asuka launched Eva-02 manually, with Shinji Ikari along for the ride in the Entry Plug. With limited battery power, Asuka then played "hopscotch" with the UN fleet by jumping from one ship's deck to another to avoid Gaghiel and reach the nuclear aircraft carrier Over the Rainbow, so Eva 02 could switch to external power from the carrier's reactor. Gaghiel then bore down on the carrier, and while Asuka tried to stab it with Eva-02's progressive knife. However, Gaghiel was so massive that it ended up knocking Eva 02 into the ocean. Eva 02 was unable to move underwater with B-type standard equipment, and Gaghiel bit down on Unit 02 and swarm around the ocean floor (ruins of a flooded coastal city) with Eva-02 in its jaws, as Eva-02's umblilical power cable reached its maximum length. Misato Katsuragi then came up with the idea of intentionally sinking two battleships on a course for Gaghiel, then having Eva-02 force open the Angel's mouth to allow the battleships inside. The battleships were then remote activated to fire all of their guns and then self-destruct, killing Gaghiel.


  • Gaghiel has a small bony "face" on the top of its head, similar in shape to Sachiel's.

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