FGC:Supplemental (Flashing Images Mini-Guide 02 C183)

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Flashing Images Mini Guide

Images by row; from left to right, starting top left

a 01 C075d.jpg

White Screen

b 02 C183b b.jpg

Episode #02, C-299
(mirror image)

c 02 C183b c.jpg

Episode #02, C-205
(Sachiel & front buildings only, upside-down on blue background)


Neural Dendrites


EVA-01 (from C-227)


Einstein's Cross

g 02 C183b g.jpg

Episode #02, C-256C
(original cel)

h 01 C075d.jpg

White Screen


Mr. Tines: After running with image f for a while, my subconscious prodded me saying, “It's Einstein's Cross!

Reichu: Image e is also interesting, in that the cel of its origin is nowhere to be seen in the episode! This is actually a “missing number”, C-227 — axed from the final, but its presence here indicates that the cels were produced for it.