FGC:OP Cut 010

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

OP C010 a.jpg

OP C010 b.jpg

OP C010 c.jpg

Dakedo itsuki kizuku deshou, sono senaka ni wa…

(But someday, you are sure to realize that upon your back…)

Shinji inside the entry plug.
His eyes aren't visible.
PAN UP (throughout the cut).

Reichu: Shinji: “I have to pilot Eva. moan; pout."

Dr. Nick: This series is the epitome of apocalyptic teen-angst, folks.

MDWigs: And just to show that I'm true to my word: the classic pan-up, fade-in cross seen here is used many times through the series. We pan-up on Shinji sitting in the pilot's seat, and then fade-in to a shot of the top of his head (effectively a zoomed-in shot of his head from the previous shot) and then have Shinji raise his head, then open his eyes. The whole transition is very smooth and I think works extremely well.