FGC:Episode 08 Cut 053

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

08 C053b.jpg

08 C053c.jpg


Misato, with the captain in the foreground.
Smiling, she presents a document.

MISATO:“Well, if you would sign this document.”

MAN:“All ships, maintain present course and speed.”

08 C053d.jpg

08 C053f.jpg

CAPTAIN (BACK):“Not yet. (Pan begins) Unit-02 and its pilot have been entrusted to this fleet by the Third Branch in Germany. (Pan ends) I will not permit you to just do what you please.”

Having been flatly rejected, Misato's smile remains unnaturally in place.

At the end of the cut, Shinji looks towards Misato.

MAN (RADIO):“Roger. All ships, maintain present course and speed.”