FGC:Episode 08 Cut 044

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

08 C044a.jpg

08 C044b.jpg

08 C044c.jpg

A hand holding Misato's ID card (it has a bad picture, with her eyes half-closed and her nose upturned).
The places where her body dimensions, weight, and age are indicated have been blacked out with magic marker.
The card is removed from the frame to reveal Misato and the children.

CAPTAIN (OFF to begin with):“Why, I thought you were a young woman leading a group of Boy Scouts, but...”

MAN 1:“All ships change course, ten degrees starboard.”

MAN 2:“Change course, ten degrees starboard, understood.”

UrsusArctos: Why in the name of perversion does Misato's ID card have her measurements on it?