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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Episode #07
"A Human Work"

imprimatur13: Worth pointing out that the Nihongo/Eigo titles are straight translations for this one.

Anyway, the title is an obvious reference to JA (which appears immediately before). A "human", that is, "not divine" work. The true difference? Humans themselves are divine works, and humans have souls. However, humans cannot create something with a soul (outside of reproduction). Demonstrates the importance of a soul, and the failings of "superior" automatons. (Because one could make the argument the Eva's are human works too...)

Kendrix: This episode is at an in-between point between the prologue arc where Shinji is getting used to and reaching a level of acceptance for his new role, and the action arc with the often partially-comedic, one-off plots centered around a theme of cooperation ("The characters becoming one to defeat the enemy", as I believe it was stated in one of the DVD commentaries). It sort of finishes off the process of Misato and Shinji growing into a quasi-family, but also presents a 'monster of the week' scenario for Shinji and Misato to overcome through creativity and teamwork. Another relevant aspect about this episode is that it gives us a look at the larger world beyond Shinji's immediate circle and gives a little more time to the 'political' aspects of the setting, while also sparking Misato's suspicions about NERV and Ritsuko, something which is compounded once Kaji comes in.