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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

Rei in the foreground, perfectly unconcerned. Behind, female students looking highly displeased. Hikari looks as if she has bitten into something sour.

BOY C:“What!? Ikari's got someone that gorgeous looking after him!?”

HIKARI:“What morons.”

UrsusArctos: After two episodes that were so heavily focused on her, Rei is seen for just this moment - and in the next episode, she isn't seen at all. Enjoy your two seconds of fame, Rei!

ath: From the introduction to Chapter Four of Shizo/Parano (many thanks to Numbers-kun for his translation):
Anno: Even in the midst of making Eva, I suddenly realized I had forgotten her. Her very existence. In episode seven, I remembered, and added a single shot with Rei. I had no emotional attachment to her at all. I think that was fine, because she didn’t appear in episode eight, not even for a single shot.

imprimatur13: I s'pose Hikari's jealous, 'cause of Toji.

Dr. Nick: Even this single shot of Rei is kind of meaningful since it shows her in Gendo's trademark pose.

Speaking of this so-called Gendo pose, when I was younger and more eager, I had the bright idea of trying to catalogue instances of anime characters sitting in that pose (Ed. note: link), be it a probable reference or not. Just for shits and giggles. It was not until later on that I realized it was a dumbass idea, since the pose is everywhere, from Patlabor porn parodies to Oliver Stone's W., and even in anime it's been around decades before Eva. It's the sort of generic thing that you can hunt for when playing a drinking game (a double shot for both the pose and reflecting glasses).