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  • curprev 18:25, 13 April 2014Nuclear Lunchbox talk contribs 5,094 bytes +4,875 Credits added to index. Only difference from Episode 06 is the omission of Ops personnel. They have been replaced with the VAs for Hkari, Shiroh Tokita, Man on the phone, and Male student A. The announcer is still there, but has been replaced w/ Megumi.
  • curprev 14:47, 20 December 2010Ath talk contribs 219 bytes +219 Created page with '{{FGC:MW}} {{FGC:Header|text=The Scene Index for The Fangeeks Commentary: Episode #07|name=scene_list|num=1}} {{FGC:Episode 07 Scene List}}{{br}} {{FGC:Master_Navigation_Box}}…'