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I Think You Should Smile

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C308b.jpg

06 C308d.jpg

Unit 00 falls down in the forest, its body worn out.


Kendrix: Judging by the state of the armor, Rei shieded Shinji with EVA 00's very body after the shiel melted away for good. She would probably say that she's just 'doing her job' and can be replaced anyway, but man, you gotta admire such willpower.

06 C309a.jpg

06 C309b.jpg

06 C309c.jpg


Shinji leans forward, pushing away the viewfinder!


Kendrix: Well done, Shinji! You saved the day! Go claim your reward now! Yes, the chick!

06 C310a.jpg

06 C310b.jpg

06 C310c.jpg


The shield stops at the fairing.

SE <<Gyurururu>>

Dr. Nick: Did the drill break free and keep going for a while? Ramiel's main body was already falling to the side in cut 307.

06 C311.jpg


Pull back view of the entire geofront, the shield is stopped some distance within the ceiling!!

SE <<Cla~ng>>


Ishido - Another cross, really?
Anno - Why not?
Ishido - It just seems a little excessive...
Anno - I'm in charge here.
Ishido - Fine, but if you keep putting them in people are actually going to think they mean something.

06 C312a.jpg

06 C312b.jpg

06 C312d.jpg


Unit 00’s melted neck, smoke is rising. Unit 01’s hand grabs the entry plug hatch and tries to pull it off!

SE <<Kachak>>

At the end of the cut it comes off with a RIIIP sound!!

SE <<Riiiiip>>

arael: This scene would allways come back to my mind in episode 18...

Kendrix: ...You might have to unpack her first, tough...

06 C313a.jpg

06 C313b.jpg

06 C313d.jpg


Unit 01 holds Unit 00. It throws the hatch away.

A.T. Fish: The still shots make it look like the Eva's are going doggystyle. Hell yeah!

Leighton: The Evas here are in an awkward position

06 C314a.jpg

06 C314b.jpg

The entry plug emerges from Unit 00’s neck.

SE <<Gagon>>

06 C314d.jpg

The fluid is forcefully ejected.

SE <<Pshhhh>>

06 C315b.jpg


The Angel falls silently on the city.

06 C316a.jpg

06 C316c.jpg


Inside the forest, the camera pans from Unit 01’s melting arm to the entry plug from Unit 00 that it is holding (it’s already melting). Shinji stands in front of it.

Kendrix: It wasn't his bare hands, but to make up for it, he gets to expose them to immense heat twice, once through EVA 01's hands and once through the plugsuit.

InstrumentalityOne: Unit-01´s right hand kinda looks like Gendo´s hand in that cut.

Dr. Nick: Wait, in cut 314 the plug looks unharmed (probably recycled animation), but here its surface is all melted wrinkly. And why would it melt inside Zero's moist meat pouch? Was she that thoroughly cooked?

06 C317b.jpg


Close up of Shinji’s hands as he grabs the emergency handle of the hatch of the plug. Smoke rises.

SE <<Shhuuu>>

Kendrix: This thing is HOT. So while the plugsuit shielded him from aquiring any burns, grabbing this opening mechanism was NOT confortable.

Leighton: Ahh, the replication of Gendo's opening of the Entry Plug. Shinji's emotion and effort here almost reflects Gendo's.

06 C318a.jpg

06 C318c.jpg


Shinji tries to wrest open the entry plug hatch. He puts all his strength into it and turns it around!


SE <<Gigigigigi>>

KnightmareX13: Like father like son

Xard: And here comes all time classic scene. What more needs to be said...

Trajan: Bookends. After Soundtrack Dissonance, it's probably Anno's favorite trope.

Kendrix: This is pretty much the same animation they used for Gendo, the movements are almost identical Someone once superimposed their images in an amv, and it worked perfectly.

06 C319b.jpg

06 C319c.jpg

06 C319e.jpg

06 C319f.jpg


Inside the plug, the emergency hatch opens. (Seems to be from Rei’s point of view.)

SE <<Klang>>

Shinji appears, leaning forward inside.


Kendrix: SEEMS to be because she is still unconcious at this point.

06 C320.jpg


Shinji, and a limp Rei.

SHINJI (BACK):“Are you alright?!”

06 C321b.jpg

06 C321c.jpg

06 C321d.jpg


Rei opens her eyes weakly at Shinji’s words. She slowly opens her eyes and looks at the camera.



thewayneiac: Now that you mention it, she is just now opening her eyes. Could 319 really have been from her point of view?

Kendrix: I always find myself shocked at how Rei's skin looks completely white, if not almost gray for the entirety of this scene.

Additional Commentary  


Rei: "Ughhh? You interrupted my nap."

06 C322a.jpg

06 C322b.jpg


Close-up of Shinji through Rei’s eyes, he’s out of focus but he gradually comes into focus.


Kendrix: This is a parallel to the shot in ep 5 where Rei shows up naked and, at first appears blurred because Shinji is looking through Gendo's glasses.

06 C323b.jpg


Shinji draws closer to Rei inside the plug.

SE <<Splash splosh>>

06 C324b.jpg

Shinji raises his head and speaks, almost crying.

BGM START: B-20 [Rei II]

SHINJI:“(---pause---)Don’t…don’t say you don’t have anything else……don’t ever say...”

Kendrix: He couldn't quite think of what to say, and so, he talks of the words that have shocked him so much before the battle began.

Leighton: I find what Shinji says here is a contrast to what Gendo says. Gendo just says "Good"; I get the implication that he's just worried if Rei is still alive or not. For Shinji's case, it provokes a more emotional response. I think for the first time Rei is personally valued to another, particularly in contrast to Gendo's value of her as an ingredient for his version of instrumentality. You could say, Shinji feels Rei's pain and wants to show it. I think its also the first time he's crying as a result of care rather than anger.

06 C325.jpg


Rei looks at Shinji blankly.

SHINJI (OFF):“...something like that!”


Kendrix: She does not quite know what to make of Shinji's emotional outburst. That he could be relieved because she is all right doesn't occur to her - in her mindset, she just did her job and there's no point in worrying since she's replaceable.
Additional Commentary  


Rei: "I was having a perfectly good nap, but you had to come along and wake me up. What are you babbling on about, anyway?"

06 C326b.jpg

06 C326c.jpg

06 C326d.jpg


The camera zooms in on the tearful Shinji; at the end of the cut he’s so overwhelmed he looks away.

SHINJI:“Don’t say sad things like 'Farewell' when you leave someone!" (turns face away) "Uh…”

Xard: Looks like they decided to skip the zoom...

Kendrix: Rei never says "farewell" ever again, even if it almost was her catchphrase before.

06 C327b.jpg


The scene outside, Shinji is crying in front of the entry plug hatch, top down view.

SHINJI (OFF - Sound of happy tears - trying to hold back the sobs.):“Sob sob sob”

06 C328b.jpg

06 C328c.jpg

06 C328d.jpg


Unit 01 is crouched down beyond the trees in the forest. The melted Unit 00 comes into view when the camera pans across.

SHINJI: (Sobbing in earnest)

06 C329a.jpg

06 C329b.jpg

06 C329c.jpg


The camera moves inside the plug. After a bit of time, Rei sits up.

Mr. Tines: Well, that's the romance sub-plot set up -- apart from the inevitable MISUNDERSTANDINGS that will occupy most of the next 20 episodes...

Kendrix: She watches the emotional outburst in bewilderment, still oblivious to the fact that she is the cause of it. Note that the confusion itself is pretty obvious on her face - and she has smiled before.

Additional Commentary  


Rei: "Oh geez, now he's crying. How do I make him stop?"

06 C330.jpg


Shinji with his head down, and Rei, (she can’t understand Shinji’s actions and emotions).

REI:“Why are you crying?”

Kendrix: She hasn't got a clue why he's crying in this very, but she seems to have some idea as to why people cry in general, and Rei, being a nice person, wants to know what's up with Shinji.

06 C331.jpg


Close-up of Shinji as he hangs his head.


06 C332a.jpg

06 C332b.jpg

06 C332c.jpg


Close-up of Rei beyond Shinji, Rei turns her eyes away as she speaks. It would be GREAT if there was a faint air of “bewilderment” here!!

REI:“I’m sorry. …I don’t know what kind of expression I should make at times like this.”

thewayneiac: Here (together with Cut 330) is another example of very specific instructions from the screenwriters to the animators. Once again, this cut was very important to the writers.

Kendrix: She even apolpgizes, perhaps fearing that she might have done something wrong that made Shinji cry.

thewayneiac: Actually, I think she's apologizing for not knowing how to react to his tears.

InstrumentalityOne: And this is the cut when Rei went from mysterious(creepy?) to unintentionally cute/moe.

06 C333b.jpg

06 C333d.jpg


Shinji raises his head and speaks, his eyes still moist.

SHINJI (HALF-LAUGHING, HALF-CRYING):“I think you should smile.”

Trajan: Shinji should really follow his own advice more often, he'd be happier if he did.

06 C334a.jpg

06 C334b.jpg

06 C334d.jpg


Rei turns around and faces the camera. Shinji is reflected in the extreme close-up of her eye.

Kendrix: Maybe his mention of "smiling" (something she had only done for Gendo until this point) made her think of his father. Whatever the exact reason may be, Rei didn't realize the similarity of this situation and the activation experiment until now, which is why she is so visibly shocked. Note that she's already slightly blushing at this point.

06 C335a.jpg

06 C335b.jpg


Gendo’s gentle face appears for a moment (in the same position as Shinji).

Kendrix: He's wearing his new glasses here, so it's not just a flashback to the activation experiment - This is how Rei gets to see him most of the time, how he is imprinted into her memory (compare with the conversation in Ep. 05), which is, of course, quite the contrast to the looming, dark silhouette Shinji tends to imagine when he thinks of his father.

Note that Gendo, as her father figure, has probably influenced what Rei subconsciously looks for in a boy.

InstrumentalityOne: Hey, they got his glasses right. At last.

06 C336b.jpg

06 C336c.jpg


Rei goes “!!”, super close-up of her opening her eyes wide.


NemZ: Yep, you can see here the exact moment at which Shinji stops being just an annoyance and instead becomes someone she actually cares about.

06 C337.jpg


Shinji from Rei’s point of view, he’s still crying, but he’s smiling happily.


Kendrix: The tender expression in his eyes is exactly the same as Gendo's in the flashback before.

06 C338 Aa.jpg

06 C338 animated.gif


Rei is still surprised. Her stiff expression slowly changes into a smile. Rei relaxes.

Trajan: This shot makes me smile.

BiQ: And never again could Gainax or Khara top or even reach again this very first rendition of this ultimate heartwarming.

Leighton: My eyes watered at this scene - I actually felt happy at Rei's first expression of joy (in Shinji's presence) as a result of Shinji's care for her.

Additional Commentary  


Rei: "... So he just wants me to smile? If that's what it takes for someone to get a nap around here then fine, I'll comply... but there had better be a good bed and breakfast deal in it."

Kendrix: Congratulations, Shinji! You have been welcomed into the small circle of people who are allowed to see that smile. The 'blush lines' indicate that this smile is genuine. Needless to say, this is the point where they fall in love. This is, like many other things, emphasized in Rebuild, where they go as far as, for all intents and purposes, holding hands.

thewayneiac: Of course we'll have to see the two remaining installments to know for certain, but I agree they are in love in Rebuild. But if you are saying that they fall in love at this point in the series you are probably overstating it, at least on Shinji's part.

Kendrix: I'm not sure of that - And even if it was to early to call it full-blown love (I do not claim to be above the effects of shipping goggles), at least the romantic-ish feelings/beginning teenager crush must've started in this instant, because... when else?

thewayneiac: I'm not arguing that Rei wasn't in love with Shinji; I'm arguing that Shinji was never in love with Rei. This is, however, the point where they would have fallen in love in a normal show.

Sailor Star Dust: (Re: "...for all intents and purposes, holding hands.") Shinji and Rei first held hands/Shinji pulled Rei out of the Plug in Sadamoto's manga post-Operation Yashima. Evangelion Prelude decided to use that as a manga nod, I guess. (Prelude has a few Sadamoto manga nods: Shinji's rant to Misato about how she and Nerv are selfish is similar to something Manga Shinji told Misato after Kaworu's death.)

06 C339a.jpg

06 C339b.jpg

06 C339c.jpg

06 C339e.jpg

The destroyed Unit 00

The camera pans to the full moon (symbolically)!!

BGM END: B-20 [Rei II]

thewayneiac: As in Cut 209, the writers acknowledge here that the Rei/Moon symbolism is deliberate. So much for the people who think that Lilith was thrown in at the last-second.

FreakyFilmFan4ever: No doubt, they had plans for Lilith down the line. However before Lilith is introduced, this shot merely strangely relaxes the audience after the battle, as if the contrast from the sun at the beginning of the episode was a good thing. The music and the cutting to the "To Be Continued" title card in the next shot would be the only tip off to the first-time viewers that there's something more to the moon than meets the eye, especially during what otherwise feels like a nice conclusion to the battle.

thewayneiac: Script directions that foreshadow things to the writers don't neccessarily have to be meaningful to the viewers.

Additional Commentary  

Azathoth: At a guess, Rei was still planned to be Lilith in her entirety at this point, unrelated to the white giant in Terminal Dogma.

thewayneiac: I've never seen any convincing evidence that Anno didn't always intend to make the giant Lilith.

Leighton: I think Rei is more associated with the Black Moon (being a vessel for Lilith) but that would just make the animation ridiculously weird if they used a black moon to symbolise the connection. Im going to far again - it probably just emphasises her relation to be a Seed of Life

thewayneiac: But the moon was created when the Black Moon crashed into Earth. Also, only the outer shell of the moon is First Impact rubble. The inner core of the moon is the vehicle that that transported the Black Moon to Earth. So the moon itself is intimately associated with Rei.



TEXT:“To Be Continued”

Xard: Guess this is worth throwing here:

"Episode 6 was too early.

At the end Rei says "I don't know what to do," and Shinji says, "I think you should smile," and Rei smiles. ... Afterwards, when I thought about it, I cursed. In short, if she and Shinji completely "communicated" there, then isn't she over with? At that moment, Rei, for me, was finished.

When she smiled, she was already finished, this character." - H. Anno

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