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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C269.jpg

The Angel, and the mountain with a giant pillar of fire rising from it.


SE <<Zudododo>>

Trajan: And they throw in a pillar of fire reference. It's almost as if Shinji is like Moses, holding off the Egyptians (in this case Angels) in order to save his people. Of course the paradise NGE is moving towards can hardly be called that.

Kendrix: Ramiel stands (or floasts) completely unfazed. Note how far Shinji's beam was diverted, wheras Shinji himself still had to dodge Ramiel's beam.


The shield continues to dig Fragments are falling around it from the shockwave of the pillar of fire

SE <<Screeee~~>>

06 C271b.jpg

06 C271c.jpg

06 C271d.jpg


The shield pierces out between the buildings on the ceiling of the geofront. The buildings in front of the camera slide down.

SE <<zu zu zu zu Bam zu zu zu zu>>

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: Hey Adam, it's me Ramiel! I'm almost there dude, just wait! You'll get out as long as plot weapon isn't protected by plot armor.

Dr. Nick: Almost there? Wouldn't there still be miles to go, considering how deep the central shaft appears to extend in episode 24?

06 C272b.jpg

06 C272c.jpg


The letters ALERT appear on the screen. They’re flashing!

AOBA (OFF - SPEAKER):“Enemy shield has broken into the Geo-Front!”

SE <<Sound of an alert>>

06 C273b.jpg

06 C273c.jpg


Misato behind Hyuuga’s chair, she raises her head and says her line.

MISATO:“Hurry up with the second shot!!”

06 C274a.jpg

06 C274c.jpg

06 C274e.jpg


Unit 01 cocks the firing hammer of the gun! The broken fuse flies out.

SE <<Ka-chak>>

06 C275.jpg


Misato leans forward between Hyuuga and Ibuki.

HYUGA:“Fuse changed! Beginning recharge.”

06 C276a.jpg

06 C276b.jpg

06 C276c.jpg

06 C276d.jpg


The Eva sets up the rifle, its body hidden inside the trees. Side position.

WOMAN (OFF):“Start cooling the gun barrel!”

WOMAN 5:“Restarting positron acceleration.”

06 C277b.jpg


The Eva aiming, seen from the front.

06 C278b.jpg


The Angel’s slit starts to shine again!!

SE <<Shuu pipipipi>>

Kendrix: Ahh, finally a "villain" who will strike before the heroes are "ready". I guess this beam is directly aimed at EVA 01's core this time...

06 C279a.jpg

06 C279c.jpg

06 C279d.jpg


Close-up of the monitor, cross-section of the Angel.

IBUKI (OFF):“High energy reaction detected within the target!”

SE <<Gyurururu>>

06 C280a.jpg

06 C280b.jpg


Misato turns around.


06 C281a.jpg

06 C281c.jpg


The Angel fires its beam.

SE <<Piii>>

06 C282a.jpg

06 C282c.jpg


Shinji flinches, wide angled shot.


06 C283b.jpg

06 C283d.jpg

06 C283e.jpg


The damage, from Shinji’s point of view. One circle of light suddenly flies in front of the camera and expands to fill the entire frame.

06 C284c.jpg

06 C284d.jpg

06 C284f.jpg


The beam is fired towards Mount Futago, and a group of lights flow up and fly out from the back.

SE <<Zubabababa>>

EvangelionFan: This is one of my favourite cuts from this episode, aesthetically speaking.

06 C285a.jpg

06 C285b.jpg


Misato leans forward.


06 C286.jpg


Top-down shot, Ritsuko is in front of the camera.

SE <<Zuzuzuzu...>>

06 C287.jpg


The control room, Ikari and Fuyutsuki.

SE <<...zuzuzu>>

06 C288c.jpg

06 C288d.jpg

Close-up of Shinji with his eyes shaded,

he lifts his head.

SE <<Guooo...>>

06 C289a.jpg


Shinji’s point of view, the monitor shows Unit 00 holding the shield.

SE <<...oooo...>>

Trajan: Enjoy this moment Rei fans, this one of the few significant things Rei will ever do in an Eva. However, it also one of the most badass things any of the pilots will do and works as character development as well.

thewayneiac: That seems grossly unfair. Let's see.... Rushing Zeruel with that N2, spearing Arael, self-destructing to save Shinji from Armisael...

bigbadtyrant: Not to mention her significance in EoE....

Kendrix: ...And doing away with Kaworu's AT-field.

Trajan: For clarification, I meant significant things while piloting an Evangelion Unit, so all the EoE stuff and dispersing Kaworu's AT Field doesn't count. Besides, I didn't say it was the only thing, I just said it was one of the few things and certainly the only one we'll see for several episodes. FWIW, Rei does more than Asuka.

06 C290a.jpg

06 C290c.jpg

06 C290e.jpg


When the camera pans to the crouching Unit 01, Unit 00 can be seen defending with the shield.

SE <<...ooooo.>>

06 C291b.jpg


Shinji leads forward. A somewhat angled shot of his side profile.


06 C292b.jpg

06 C292c.jpg


The front of the shield starts to melt; Unit 00’s eye peeks out!

SE <<Guoooo>>

Kendrix: A subtle reminder that there's a time limit to the shield action, as badass as it may look.

Leighton: There's a viewing slit in the shield - how is it that Ramiel's beam is not penetrating this?

thewayneiac: Already covered in Cut 119. The upshot is that the shield makes no sense.

06 C293a.jpg

06 C293b.jpg


Ritsuko’s side profile, a little panicked.

RITSUKO:“The shield won't hold!”

She moves closer to the camera, Misato at her side.

MISATO:“Aren't you ready yet?!”

WOMAN 3:“Light particle transmission started, begin accumulation!”

06 C294a.jpg

06 C294c.jpg


Hyuga turns around

HYUGA:“We need ten more seconds!”

06 C295b.jpg


The side of Shinji’s face, he grimaces!!

Kendrix: It's all or nothing now, and he knows it. He doesn't want a person he only just met to get hurt because of his personal shortcomings, and this proves to be an useful incentive to get Shinji to do something. (previously seen in ep 3.) Of course, this is subverted later in ep 18 where his wish not to hurt anyone PREVENTS him from fighthing.

06 C296a.jpg

06 C296c.jpg


Close-up of the monitor, the gauge is drawing closer.

SHINJI (OFF - PANICING):“Hurry up!!”

06 C297a.jpg

06 C297c.jpg


The shield continues to melt. It slowly starts to fall away under the pressure. Unit 00’s face slowly starts to droop.

06 C298b.jpg

06 C298c.jpg


Extreme close up of Shinji, he’s gritting his teeth


06 C299a.jpg

06 C299c.jpg

06 C299e.jpg


Close-up of the monitor, the marks line up.

Woman 5:“Positron acceleration, 98%!”

EvangelionFan: 's a cool-looking targetting system. I wonder if something similar appeared in one of the earlier Evangelion video games.

06 C300a.jpg


Close-up of Shinji, the shot pulls back a little


06 C301a.jpg

06 C301b.jpg


Close-up of the trigger, a finger pulls it.

SE <<Clack!>>

06 C302a.jpg

06 C302b.jpg

06 C302d.jpg


The positron rifle fires.

SE <<Peeew>>

Kendrix: Shinji strikes back!

thewayneiac: Sounds like a great name for a sequel: Shinji no Gyakushu!

InstrumentalityOne: I always wondered how Shinji could fire at Ramiel when Rei's in the way blocking Ramiel´s beam with that bulky shield and all.

Fireand'chutes77: The side flares though the recoil compensator are a really cool touch. It's a reminder of the raw power of this weapon.

UrsusArctos: That's actually a muzzle brake - which reduces the recoil - and not a compensator, which eliminates upward creep on an automatic firearm. Frankly, it shouldn't be there - it's siphoning off precious positrons to reduce the recoil, and positrons bring a real radiation hazard. They should've just used a rocket-powered system like that on the entry plug as a substitute if they wanted to reduce the recoil of the thing.

06 C303a.jpg

06 C303c.jpg


The beam from the rifle emerges from the shower of light.

SE <<Gyuuuii>>

06 C304a.jpg

06 C304c.jpg


The beam of light stretches out towards the Angel and Neo Tokyo 3!

SE <<Gyuuu____n>>

ath: It's interesting that the positron rifle's beam follows a slightly different trajectory than the one followed by the beam Ramiel is still firing, conveniently avoiding EVA-00 in the process. Has the computer managed to calculate a trajectory which compensates for the presence of Ramiel's beam, in a smaller-scale controlled version of the effect we see in #259?

06 C305a.jpg

06 C305b.jpg

06 C305c.jpg

The beam hits the Angel directly and pierces right through it.

SE <<Doom>>

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion: BAAAAAH! You got me right in the core!

EvangelionFan: Ramiel: HURK! AHH, I'VE BEEN PENETRATED!!

Kendrix: Ouch.

06 C305f.jpg

A giant light spreads out behind the Angel after piercing through it.

The Angel slowly leans to the side.

SE <<Badoom>>

Trajan: Requisite in pace, Ramiel. Most of the Angels after you will fail to live up to your lofty standard.

InstrumentalityOne: Why does the Angel BURN?

Leighton: Is Ramiel made of flammable material?

Dr. Nick: Why wouldn't it burn? It's just a big methane-filled balloon.

thewayneiac: Light Angel, then get away.

06 C306a.jpg

06 C306c.jpg


Everyone in the command car watches it. Misato pumps her fist.

MISATO:“Hell yeeaah!!”

Translator's Note: (This is) called a “guts pose” in Japanese.

UrsusArctos: Adding to the translator's note : Hideaki Anno was apparently quite fond of the guts pose himself!

06 C307a.jpg


The giant Angel slowly breaks down as flames rise.

Dr. Nick: Oh, the confusingly defined humanity!

06 C308b.jpg

06 C308d.jpg

Unit 00 falls down in the forest, its body worn out.


Kendrix: Judging by the state of the armor, Rei shieded Shinji with EVA 00's very body after the shiel melted away for good. She would probably say that she's just 'doing her job' and can be replaced anyway, but man, you gotta admire such willpower.

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