FGC:Episode 05 Cut 138

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C138a.jpg

05 C138c.jpg

Ikari’s expression becomes even gentler.

Man on Intercom B (left):“Turning on condensation reactor. Sending all waste liquid to the 2nd stage water purifying system.”

Sailor Star Dust: Esselfortium joke: Here, Gendo is explaining to Rei the humor behind "Why did the chicken cross the road".

In all seriousness, I personally find this to parallel the DC 22' scene of Asuka watching Shinji and Rei at the train station. I suppose both Gendo & Rei and Shinji & Rei conversations are idle "how are things going" chatter, but I'm curious on what exactly was being discussed in either case.

thewayneiac: I doubt this is supposed to show the sort of envy we see in the scene with Asuka. This seems to be more about Shinji's utter astonishment that when Rei and Gendo are together he sees a side of both of them that he doesn't see under any other circumstances.