FGC:Episode 05 Cut 123

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C123.jpg

Rei sits there alone.

Toji (OFF):“Maybe she’s got a bad personality?”

SE <<Beep>>

Sailor Star Dust: I can't help but wonder if the solitude (whether by choice or by peers) doesn't bother Rei even the tiniest amount...

NemZ: To quote "Rei's poem" from ep 14:

All of them the same. All of them useless.

thewayneiac: Could you elaborate on how that applies to this cut? Are you saying that she's sitting apart because she considers her classmates useless?

NemZ: In the sense that they don't have a specific purpose like she has, yes. Even if Rei doesn't understand her feelings of loneliness I suspect she's built a solid rationalized defense against them all the same: a measure of contempt for these normal children, created without purpose or design.

Kendrix: I think the "flowers" comment was more about the clones. She hardly shows any animosity towards ANYONE unless they insult Shinji or Gendo. She even tries to help Asuka in ep 22. It's more that she sees no specific, logical reason to talk to them. No one told her to.