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The Beast (Part 1)

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

02 C224c.jpg

02 C237b.jpg

02 C226b.jpg

02 C226c.jpg

Finally, the lance of light shoots through the Eva's right eye (the head is penetrated) and her whole body slides backwards.
thewayneiac: So, do we finally get to see what happens, or are they leading us on again?

Reichu: They'd better not be! A wise director should only test the patience of his audience so many times.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Methinks Anno's gotten more fans mad at him than just about any other director in history, heh. Except maybe George Lucas…

02 C228a.jpg

02 C228b.jpg

Sachiel extends his lance of light and EVA-01 flies backwards.

02 C229b.jpg

02 C229c.jpg

The Eva comes flying backwards and crashes into the building!
Her left arm smashes into the rooftop of a building in the foreground.

02 C230a.jpg

02 C230b.jpg

02 C240A c.jpg

02 C240A d.jpg

The lance of light comes out and EVA-01 lurches forward. A moment later, red fluid gushes out.

02 C240B.jpg

Eva UP; the fluid continues to spout out.
Reichu: Once again, notice how the Eva's circulatory system is powered by aerosol. ;;>

thewayneiac: Like Godzilla's breath in the first couple of movies?

missing number

missing number

02 C232.jpg

BGM START: E-5 fast tempo, rhythm only

Emergency Situation" display, UP

SE <<All types of warning sounds>>

Woman (OFF):“EVA-01 has sustained critical damage.”

Reichu: The 5.1ch supplemental dialogue here is rather annoyingly provided in the script as occurring between C-243 and C-255. If I had a 1337 home theater that supported 5.1 audio, I might be able to pinpoint the dialogue to the exact cut — but all I've got are these crappy speakers. Ya'll can probably live with the guesstimates I provide here, though.

02 C244a.jpg

02 C244b.jpg

Side monitor; the displays light up one after another from the bottom.

Aoba (OFF):“Head damaged! Extent unknown!!”

Female Operator (OFF):“We're having problems maintaining activation!”

Woman (OFF):“The degree of damage has exceeded our ability to measure. Measurement impossible, measurement impossible.”

Sharp-kun: I've never quite seen the point of having so many lights. Surely one big "EMERGENCY" would do?

HeWhoPostsStuff: But then they couldn't reinforce the "hexagon" motif as effectively, heh heh.

02 C245.jpg

Misato (rushed):“What's the status?!”

02 C246a.jpg

FGC 01 C312b.jpg

FGC 01 C312a.jpg

The graph scrolls sideways.

Ibuki (OFF):“Synchrograph reversing!! The pulses are flowing backwards!”

Man (OFF):“Cranial nerve connections, overloading beyond normal values!!”

02 C213a.jpg

Ritsuko is calm compared to the frantic Ibuki.

Ritsuko:“Break the circuit. Block it!!”

Ibuki:“We can't!!”

Man (OFF):“Nerve graph is transgressing safe depths!”

Reichu: "Depth"? Of a graph?

thewayneiac: Sure, 3-D graphs have depth. The "stairstep" design of the graph in 248 is an attempt to show three dimensions.

02 C233b.jpg

Display closeup. The graphs disengage one by one.

Ibuki (OFF):“The signal is being refused! It can't be received.”

Woman (OFF):“Harmonics are extremely unstable. Observation is difficult.”

thewayneiac: Maya's main job seems to be to telling us which emergency procedures aren't working this episode.

02 C249.jpg

Misato leans over Hyuga.

Misato:“What about Shinji-kun!?”

Reichu: Throughout the series, we'll be seeing Misato over Hyuga's shoulder quite a bit, whereas Maya gets Ritsuko. Aoba must feel so lonely and neglected.

02 C234b.jpg

The graph flows downward; all responses are extinguished.

Hyuga (OFF):“No response from the monitors! We don't know if he's alive or dead!!”

Man (OFF):“Nerve graph is breaking into the danger zone! It has entered level 8!”

Keisuke-kun: Jesus H. Christ. All this trouble because of a hole in EVA-01's head?

HeWhoPostsStuff: Methinks you'd probably have quite a few problems if you had a hole in your head, heh.

Reichu: If you're an Eva, this is just another day on the job.

02 C235.jpg

EVA-01, her head hanging.

Aoba (OFF):“EVA-01 is completely silent!”

Man (OFF):“We've been blocked out from all autonomic systems! Observation impossible!”

thewayneiac: For some reason, at this point in the manga, Sadamoto gives away a major plot point that we don't learn until episode #16 in the series. (Though some people guess it long before then.)

02 C252a.jpg

02 C252b.jpg

Ritsuko turns around.


Keisuke-kun: What the hell is she turning to Misato for? If anything, Misato should say, "You helped build this crap, now why isn't it working?!"

02 C253a.jpg

02 C253b.jpg

Misato (resolute):“———We've got to stop this.”

Looks at Ibuki

Misato:“Abort the operation!! The pilot's protection is top priority! Force eject the plug!”

Woman (OFF):“LCL electric charge ratio declining from the maximum level! Unable to maintain its present condition!”

02 C254a.jpg

02 C254b.jpg

Ibuki turns to Misato.

Ibuki:“We can't!! It's completely out of control!!”

Man (OFF):“Mental graph interrupted! Present depth unknown!”

Keisuke-kun: No, Ibuki. It isn't completely out of control yet.

Sharp-kun: Now, in any sane design, the ejection system would be completely separate from everything else, so, even if the Eva was completely out of control, it would still function. Nerv don't seem to have realised the wisdom of that.

02 C255.jpg

Misato:“What did you say?!”

02 C256a.jpg

Front closeup of the Eva.

02 C256b.jpg

Zoom in from previous cut. The right eye is smashed in.

02 C256c.jpg

02 C256d.jpg

02 C256e.jpg

Shinji UP. (T-U. Fade to black.)

02 C256f.jpg

Eva UP. Her left eye lights up
Reichu: And now for the part we've all been waiting for… :licks lips:

02 C257a.jpg

02 C257b.jpg

Mouth UP. The joint tears and the jaw splits above and below. Organic-looking teeth lay within.
Reichu: What I translated as "organic-looking" is actually seibutsuteki na, or "like a living creature". Suffice to say, those aren't the Eva's real teeth.

Sharp-kun: Shows how much thought Nerv put into the aesthetics, though. They even designed the head so it looks cool when the unit goes berserk.

02 C258A.jpg

Female Operator (OFF):“The Eva has reactivated.”

Ibuki:“How?! It shouldn't be able to move.”

Woman (OFF):“Plug depth, measurement impossible. Pilot status, measurement impossible.”

Woman (OFF):“EVA-01, control impossible, control impossible.”

02 C258B.jpg

Misato (shock):“——— Impossible.”

Man (OFF):“Forced transmission of signals through #6. All signals rejected internally. They are not being received.”

Reichu: An awful lot of "impossible" things are happening now, aren't they?

02 C259.jpg

Ritsuko (shock):“It's gone berserk…”

Man (OFF):“Confirmation of internal body status is extremely difficult.”

BGM END: E-5 fast tempo, rhythm only

Reichu: Bousou literally just means "running wild" or "out of control" (and is often used in reference to motorcyclists, interestingly enough). Translating it as "berserk" is a bit loose, since going "berserk" is much more specific than simply being "out of control". Arguably, though, it's strangely appropriate in EVA-01's case:

When we say that we are going berserk, we may not realize how extreme a state this might be. Our adjective comes from the noun berserker, or berserk, which is from the Old Norse word berserkr, "a wild warrior or champion."Such warriors wore hides of bears … [and] became frenzied in battle, howling like animals, foaming at the mouth, and biting the edges of their iron shields. Berserker is first recorded in English in the early 19th century, long after these wild warriors ceased to exist. Source

HeWhoPostsStuff: I doubt this matters much, but if I remember correctly, "berserkers" were supposed to have been soldiers blessed by the god Odin when they were about to expire, and given extraordinary strength with which to continue battling.

Reichu: Now, imagine, an NGE in which NORSE mythology is the source of Pointless Religious Symbolism! The Evas become Valkyries! The Spear of Longinus becomes the Hammer of Thor! The Tree of Life becomes Yggdrasil! And, of course, Keel Lorenz becomes a NORSE cyborg. Maybe there's some worthwhile parody potential in there…

UrsusArctos: The word "berserk" is actually used to describe this state in Episode 07.

02 C260a.jpg

02 C260b.jpg

02 C260d.jpg

BGM START: E-5 fast tempo [THE BEAST]

The Eva lifts her head and bellows.


Keisuke-kun: NOW it's completely out of control.

Reichu: This is the real reason I watch NGE.

The Eva roars are basically modified human vocalizations. Try shouting into a microphone, pitch-shift it down, and you'll probably end up with something fairly Eva-like. There is more to making an Eva roar than that, I assume, but that's the secret of NGE's sound engineers… In my opinion, the Evas' various roars, grunts, and bellows have not been even adequately replicated in any dubbing efforts (one has to wonder why the Evas need to be dubbed over in the first place…). Even Gainax's redubs for DEATH were inferior — there's just no beating the original.

thewayneiac: In the commentary for the English dub of DEATH, AWL says they had to dub the Eva cries because they were on the dialogue track instead of the sound effects track. Wow, some actual information!

Reichu: Notice here how a joint in the mandibular piece pops open as she opens her mouth as wide as it (one would hope) goes… I'm not sure why this piece of armor would need such a joint, though.

02 C261a.jpg

02 C261b.jpg

02 C261c.jpg

The Eva squats down, then jumps!

02 C262a.jpg

02 C262b.jpg

02 C262c.jpg

02 C262d.jpg

02 C262e.jpg

02 C262f.jpg

She flies toward the front of the screen, rolling once in mid-air.
Reichu: And for the first time, we see the Evas' faculty for performing gymastic stunts, with a level of grace and majesty I'm sure most "giant robots" lack. Of course, in real life, it would be impossible for something as large as an Eva to move like this, if at all. (Elephants can't even run, lest they break all of their limbs!) Evas are basically giant humans, just with slightly different proportions, but in actuality one cannot simply magnify a smaller organism and expect it to still work; larger lifeforms, by their very nature, cannot be built the same as smaller ones (at least when you have gravity as a limiting factor).

Shin-seiki: This involves what is known as the "square/cube" law: If you increase the size of an object that retains its shape and proportions, its surface area will increase as a function of the square of the size increase, while the volume (and thus the mass) will be cubed. Thus if you doubled the size of a man, his surface area (for example, the size of the soles of his feet that would be bearing his increased weight, or the cross-section of the bones in his legs) would be 2² (= 4 times), while his weight would be 2³ (= 8 times). This puts a practical limit on the size of terrestrial life that makes a creature the size of, say, King Kong a bio-physical impossibility…

thewayneiac: Exactly. When people talk about the great weights that ants can lift relative to their own weight, they often end with, "An ant the size of a human could lift the Empire State Building!" This is not true; an ant that size couldn't even lift itself.

tv33: For anyone interested, there was rather funny parody of this scene in "Burn-Up Excess" involving a giant transvestite.

Reichu: You may also remember this as C-064 from the OP. The animation itself is identical, save for the fact that she has the missing eye here. There is a coloration blooper here not present in OP/C-064, though — the clavicular plate is supposed to be purple. An error present in both is that the soles of her "shoes" are supposed to be yellow-orange, not grey.

If you ever watch scenes from this anime frame-by-frame and have an eye for nitpicking, you're bound to catch some of these coloration errors. They are more plentiful than it would be within the bounds of good taste for me to point out — so, by and by, I won't bother.

missing number

She goes towards the Angel T-U.

02 C264a.jpg

02 C264b.jpg

02 C264d.jpg

02 C264e.jpg

02 C264f.jpg

She strikes the top of the Angel and holds fast as he tries to shake her off. Soon, she is once again airborne.
Reichu: : If you're paying close attention, you'll notice that EVA-01 is trying to rip off Sachiel's face here. We'll see the actual damage shortly.

On another note, I wonder where all of those sparks in thumbnail B come from? Friction from the soles of the Eva's "shoes" seems improbable, as the "shoes" are clearly made out of a flexible, non-metallic material. I also have to wonder how Sachiel manages to continue standing while there's an Eva kneeling/squatting on his chest. He must have abs of steel in that spindly waist of his.

For a moment, it looks as though Sachiel's hand is on the Eva's arse… He's a bit too high, but I still find it amusing. "Oh, baby, you got buns of steel! Now… get the hell off me!!"

02 C265a.jpg

02 C265b.jpg

02 C265c.jpg

02 C265d.jpg

EVA-01 lands.

02 C266a.jpg

02 C266b.jpg

02 C266c.jpg

02 C266d.jpg

02 C266e.jpg

She stands up from a squat, bellowing as she looks skyward.
Reichu: Same animation as C-025 from the OP, although, unlike C-262, the sequence has not been modified beyond the background. There's even the same discolored clavicular plate in both! Still — a damn impressive cut.

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