FGC:Episode 02 Cut 318

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

02 C256e.jpg

02 C318 b.jpg

Fade-in from a black screen to Shinji, still in a daze.

SE <<(fade-in) Monitor noise and off-screen dialogue>>

Aoba (OFF - radio):“Circuits reconnected.”

Ibuki (OFF - radio):“Systems recovered. Graph placement normal.”

Hyuga (OFF - radio):“Pilot life signs confirmed.”

Woman (OFF):“LCL electrification ratio, restored to normal values.”

Man (OFF):“LCL pressure, restored to normal values.”

Woman (OFF):“LCL concentration, restored to normal values.”

Man (OFF):“Plug depth, restored to normal values.”

Keisuke-kun: "WTF just happened?"

Reichu: Considering all of the systems went haywire while EVA-01 took over, did Shinji actually experience the battle at all? Or was he just sitting in a dark entry plug for the whole duration?

HeWhoPostsStuff: Or maybe he was drawn further into it, and some kind of sensory overload knocked him out (and possibly contributed to the fears of "nerve contamination")?

Reichu: But if none of the systems were working properly, how is this possible? The Eva taking over seems to involve kicking Shinji out (as it were). Theoretically, I'd guess that his awareness of the outside world during the fight would be limited to what he could perceive from the "womb" of the plug.

But if that's true at all, it does make me wonder, like I said, why they seem to suggest that Shinji remembers parts of the battle for which he was not "present". This is a somewhat contentious issue, so I'll save the rest for some future appendix on the Eva-Pilot Relationship issues.

I also wonder how the "plug depth" changed during this incident… My best guess is that the depth would decrease, or even that Shogouki expelled the entry plug from her core altogether.