FGC:Episode 02 Cut 211

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FGC 02 C211 a.jpg

FGC 02 C211 b.jpg

Shinji pressing down on his left arm in pain.


Misato (OFF - radio):“Shinji-kun, calm down! That's not your arm!!”

Soluzar: This was a very interesting point for me. The pilots feels the damage to their Evas, as though it were to themselves.

Reichu: Regarding the issue of why it is necessary for the pilots to feel the Evas' pain, I remember reading a great explanation for this a while back. Paraphrased: The senses of touch and pressure are crucial to being able to adequately control one's body. Pain is really just an extension of this — it lets you know if you're doing something wrong, or if something bad is being done to your body by an external force. Without these senses intact, it would be like trying to move around with your sensory nerves completely anaesthetized — and, for me at least, trying to walk when one of my feet has fallen asleep is difficult enough!

Sharp-kun: One of the things I used to argue with EvaOtaku over was how far the link between pilot and Eva actually goes. Obviously, as we can see here, they feel what the Eva does, with the "strength" depending on the sync rate. What would happen if it was sufficiently high, though? Would the physical injury be carried on to the pilot…?

Reichu: A rather trixty topic that we'll cover more as time goes on…