FGC:Episode 02 Cut 209

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

FGC 02 C209 a.jpg

FGC 02 C209 b.jpg

FGC 02 C209 c.jpg

The Angel's hand seizes the Eva's left arm and lifts it completely up!
Reichu: I don't find the way the 'brachial pylon' (just what the hell IS this piece of armor called?) responds to Sachiel's grasp here very convincing… These structures would seem to be made of the same rigid material as the shoulder pylons, helmets, torso armor, leg armor, etc. — ergo, they would not exhibit the kind of flexibility that we see in the neck armor and "shoes".

On another note, once Sachiel breaks EVA-01's arm, the damage (to both her arm itself and to the 'pylon') is depicted differently in different cuts — but I guess that's to be expected.

HeWhoPostsStuff: I notice that from here on in you put an exclamation point after some of the "stage directions" in the script, as opposed to the usual declarative period; is there some detail in the translation of these "exclamated" scenes that prompts that?

Reichu: Oh yes… LOTS of exclamation marks are thrown into the cut descriptions for these action sequences, far more, in fact, than it would have been within good taste to retain in the translation! Too many of those things and the scene suffers — in English, anyway — from a total surfeit of zeal… and sugar.