FGC:Episode 01 Cut 191

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 191

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

01 C191a.jpg

01 C191b.jpg

01 C191c.jpg

Misato and Ritsuko in front, with Shinji reading the pamphlet intently. A giant hand appears in the background.

Misato:“So, how's EVA-01 doing?”

Ritsuko:“It's currently being refridgerated with the B-Type Equipment.”

Misato:“Will it really move? You haven't gotten it to work before, have you?”

Ritsuko:“The probability of activation is 0.000000009%. 'O9 System' seems like a fitting thing to call it.”

Misato(mixed cynicism):“So you're saying it doesn't work?”

Ritsuko:“Oh, don't be rude. It's not ‘0’.”

Misato:“It's just a number. Anyway, it's a bit too late to be saying ‘it doesn't work at all’.”

Reichu: It cracks me up that Shinji is so absorbed by the manual that he somehow doesn't notice the giant hand.

felineki: I LOVE Zero's hand in this shot… beautifully drawn, but subtle. You can miss it if you're not paying attention — or maybe it's just the lousy image quality of the original DVDs…

Hexon.Arq: How can you possibly miss that hand?!!! There's nothing else going on in this shot!

Sharp-kun: You can miss it. I did the first time -o-;

Reichu: As we'll see later, the hand belongs to EVA-00 ,still frozen in place from when she punched through the wall of a testing facility. It's possible that the facility is contained within a larger glass tank that has been filled with the pink-red coolant used to “refrigerate” the Evas, which would explain the odd coloration here.

Shin-seiki: Hmm… Interesting how Ritsuko is saying “rei,rei, rei, rei…” (“zero, zero, zero, zero…”) right when the shot pans by Zerogouki's hand. ;)

This dialog, which makes a big deal about the infinitesimal likelihood of EVA-01's activation, is the first instance of an ongoing cliché of NGE: Namely, its habit of setting up overwhelming odds against the success of a plan (usually in connection with Misato's schemes to defeat the Angels), but then have it always work out anyway.