FGC:Episode 01 Cut 033

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 033

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

01 C033a.jpg

01 C033b.jpg

Woman (OFF):“According to the optical survey, inspection work of the results is top priority.”

Fuyutsuki:“It's been fifteen years, hasn't it?”

Ikari:“Yes, there can be no mistake.”

tv33: Only about a minute into the show and it's already great.

Kendrix: And here, we meet Gendo and Fuyutsuki.

Fuyutsuki exists largely to give Gendo someone to talk with, and as such, was made as a sort of contrasting figure. It starts with their looks, Fuyutsuki being slender and neatly-dressed, while Gendo has broad shoulders and a slightly unkempt appearance. Fuyutsuki is also a bit more "sentimental" than Gendo and has more quams/ethical doubts about things, giving Gendo a chance to display his pragmatism and negative world view.

Interestingly, the "callous guy"/ "concerned guy" dynamic reverses whenever the subject changes to Rei.

Dr. Nick: Here we encounter the “reflecting glasses” effect in use for the first time. It's a fairly standard visual trick in numerous anime shows, but I haven't yet met another series where it is used as ridiculously often as in NGE.

Sharp-kun: Anno has previously used the “glasses tint” effect in Gunbuster, which has several similarities to Eva. "Coach" is in many ways a prototype Gendo.

Additional Commentary  

Keisuke-kun: Gendo seems to love being in this pose. Throughout the whole series, you see him sitting like this (or in a similar manner) the most.

Sharp-kun: This is also the pose that has sparked countless parodies. Yao's father in Miami Guns, for example, and at least once in Excel Saga.

Reichu: Well, Gendo's preference certainly is advantageous as far as the animators must have been concerned. Not only does Gendo barely move, we scarcely see his mouth when he is talking (not that Japanese animators normally concern themselves much with mouth movement anyway). Rather interesting how well Gendo's mannerisms fit in with Gainax's corner-cutting later on, when what little budget there was goes bye-bye.

OMF: Now is probably a good time to clear up a potential source of confusion in the commentary pages.

Gendo Ikari is usually referred to as plain "Gendo" by the english language fandom, and this will be the case in virtually all comments here. However, in both the show and especially in the script, Gendo is rarely referred to by his first name. In the script, Gendo is exclusively referred to as "Ikari", and this convention has been adopted for the commentary pages.

So most readers need only make the substitution Ikari -> Gendo to avoid confusion. At least until episode #21', where this convention will be deliberately subverted(By the Director; not by us).