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"Making something... Nurturing something is really great. You can see and learn so many things from the process."
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Evangelions, Angels, and more traditional "mecha" (i.e., robots) located outside of the main series canon and not considered to warrant their own pages. For characters of the same type, see Extracanonical Characters. For other characters that not from the world of Evangelion but appeard in the world of Evangelion or appeared with the world of Evangelion characters see Crossover characters


Evangelion Battle Orchestra

Evangelion Type β

Awakened state
DE Type Beta Awakened.png Type Beta Awakened concept.jpg Type Beta concept.jpg

Awakened during the final battle of Detective Evangelion, Concept art for the awakened mode, unused Black color scheme fitting the Awakened head

Appearances: Evangelion Detective (debut), Battle Orchestra
Alternate Designation: Evangelion Unit-β (エヴァンゲリオン乙号機, Evangerion Otsugouki)
Pilot: Kaworu Nagisa

Evangelion Type β (エヴァンゲリオン乙型, Evangerion Otsugata) is Kaworu's personal machine in Battle Orchestra and Detective Evangelion. It is armed with a heat sword, has white hair and posesses the ability to form wings of light. Its helmet opens up to reveal a face when it awakens.

Normal state
BO Type Beta full body.png BO Type Beta floating.png BO Type Beta Back.png BO Type Beta wings of light.png

Full body, ATF levitation, hair and wing binders, unfolding wings of light

Evangelion Unit-α

BO Type Alpha full body.png BO Type Alpha launching.png BO Type Alpha back.png

Front view, launching laser pods, back view

Appearance: Battle Orchestra
Pilot: Unmanned.

Evangelion Unit-α (エヴァンゲリオン甲号機, Evangerion Kougouki) is the sister unit of Eva-β, produced in secrecy by Seele [1] and originally scrapped. It is controlled by Rei Ayanami Dummy Plugs and uses six remote controlled laser pods as primary armament. Despite being a sister unit, it has a different designation than Type β, for reasons unknown.

Evangelion Online (Mobile Game) Original Units

Evangelion R14

EvaOnline R14 front.png EvaOnline R14 back.png EvaOnline R14 weapon.png

Pilot: Riuri

Evangelion R15

EvaOnline R15 front.png EvaOnline R15 back.png EvaOnline R15 weapon.png

Pilot: Unknown, possibly autonomous/dummy plug

Evangelion R16

EvaOnline R16 front.png EvaOnline R16 back.png EvaOnline R16 weapon.png

Pilot: Fujisaki

Evangelion R17

EvaOnline R17 front.png EvaOnline R17 back.png EvaOnline R17 weapon.png

Pilot: Karin

Evangelion R18

EvaOnline R18 front.png EvaOnline R18 back.png EvaOnline R18 weapon.png

Pilot: Kensuke Aida

Evangelion R19

EvaOnline R19 Front.png EvaOnline R19 Back.png EvaOnline R19 weapon.png

Pilot: Hikari Horaki

Evangelion 20

EvaOnline 20 front.png EvaOnline 20 back.png EvaOnline 20 weapon.png

Note: Not in main game, but 3d model still present in files

Evangelion 21

EvaOnline 21 front.png EvaOnline 21 back.png EvaOnline 21 weapons.png

Note: Not in main game, but 3d model still present in files

Evangelion X22

EvaOnline X22 front.png EvaOnline X22 back.png EvaOnline X22 weapon.png

Pilots: Chiba Ryou, Sakura Suzuhara
Note: Has two "preferred pilots" listed, possibly double entry

Evangelion 24

EvaOnline 24 front.png EvaOnline 24 back.png EvaOnline 24 weapon.png

Note: Not in main game, but 3d model still present in files

Evangelion 30

EvaOnline 30 front.png EvaOnline 30 back.png EvaOnline 30 weapon.png

Note: Not in main game, but 3d model still present in files

Evangelion X31

EvaOnline X31 front.png EvaOnline X31 back.png EvaOnline X31 weapon.png

Pilots: Kayoko, Nishimoto Seiya
Note: Has two "preferred pilots" listed, possibly double entry

Unknown Eva Units

EvaOnline Unknown Eva 1.jpg EvaOnline Unknown Eva 2.jpg EvaOnline Unknown Eva 3.jpg EvaOnline Unknown Eva 4 Unknown Pilot.jpg

The fourth unit is piloted by who seems to be known as 読みは in the game files

Note: Units that showed up in promotional images, but seem to not have a name. There have also been claims about two "enemy-type" Evas that the player fights that have been described as being similar to Uni 00 and moss green with a machete/dark purple with a bow respectively.

Evangelion: Battlefields

Battlefields MP 1.png Battlefields MP 2.png Battlefields MP 3.png

There are multiple four eyes Unit 00-type Evas in the game, for which the only difference in design appears to be the color scheme.


Unnamed Angel

Nge-sega-saturn angel-lockon.jpg

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Sega Saturn).
Design: Ikuto Yamashita.

Israfel's replacement in the game. Aside from a standard AT Field, its powers include morphing the upper half of its body into an armored ball, extending its spear-like tail long distances as an effective melee weapon, and flashes from its eyes that cause amnesia. For unknown reasons this angel leaves Tokyo-3 and reappears two other times.

Insubstantial Angel

Insubstangel larval card front-crop.jpg Insubstangel chysalis card front-crop.png Insubstangel imago card front-crop.jpg

Left to right: Larvae, Chysalis, Imago stage

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Second Impression (Sega Saturn)
Design: Mahiro Maeda[2]

An Angel whose design concept seems to take what Ritsuko said about Sandalphon's "chrysalis" to heart, by having the entity go through larval and pupal (chrysalis) stages before reaching adulthood ("imago"). As a chrysalis, it can teleport short distances and in its true form can levitate, extend the three spikes from each spinning wheel-like structure on its sides into a blade, and fire green energy balls from its body.

It has no known name, although its Bandai Carddass cards refer to it as "Insubstantial Angel." Because its core is contained within the body of Mayumi Yamagishi, the Angel is forced to leave during battle with the Evangelion units to give Shinji and her time to think about what to do.

"Diemay Angel"


Appearance: Illustration by Yo Yoshinari from Animage 3/96

During NGE's original airing in Japan, a contest took place wherein original Angel designs were submitted to Gainax by viewers. The favored submission would appear in an original illustration by one of the Gainax artists. The results were published in the March 1996 issue of Animage, with the winner being Satou "Diemay" Daimei of Tokyo. His Angel was drawn by Yo Yoshinari in a face-off against Eva-01 in an image entitled "Eva's Final Battle" ("Eva Saishû Kessen"), with the note that the image had nothing to do with the actual ending that would eventually air.

Diemay's sketch includes the following notes:

  • Angel's height: 100 m
  • The core is on its forehead.
  • The projection on the forehead is the Angel's "Charm Point."
  • The first pair of arms contain "Deutron Rifles," which are, according to Diemay, "more powerful than the Positron Rifles of the Evas."
  • The second pair bear claws of some sort. [3]

Iblis (イブリース)

Nge-rpg-white-paper iblis bw.png

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The Nerv White Paper
Arises from the sea like Sachiel; first attacks the Russian branch twice and then moves to Japan on a route over Tokyo-2 to Tokyo-3 before it is finally defeated. Slow moving, but extremely tough, it can burrow itself into the ground and use the three bumps on its back to generate three ATFs for offensive or defensive purpose, in addition to the one it has normally. It learns and grows stronger with each consecutive battle. Depending on the flow of the game, it is either defeated with a joint operation between 00, 01 and 02 or through plunging a N2 mine through its ATF and then taking it out in close combat.

Baraqijal (バラキエル)

Nge-rpg-white-paper baraq bw.png

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The Nerv White Paper

Significantly taller than an Evangelion, about the size of Ramiel, it appeared shortly after a series of terrorist bombings on Tokyo-3's power grid. It is able to convert water into acid and as such takes position above lake Ashinoko after the first attempt at interception. During the second battle, Nerv injects large amounts of an alkaline solution into the angel to neutralize its acid, before engaging it in battle normally.


Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal

A "metallic giant," and the first Angel (or "Apostolo," rather) to attack Tokyo-3 in an earlier draft of the story.

Shateiel (シャテイエル)

Proposal 34 sha,tu.jpg

Shateiel (left), Turel (right)

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal

Unused Angel concept. The "Angel of Silence," an "optical combat weapon" enshrouded by a rotating, crystal-like, multifaceted plate. It absorbs and stores (electro)magnetic energy, which it can then convert and use in attacks. The converted energy is apparently released through the core-like orbs on either end of its symmetrical body.

Turel (テゥレル)

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal

Unused Angel concept. "Angel of the Rock of God," a floating white "monolith" with an appearance like a face crowned by four spikes and wearing a very tall, steep miter adorned with a blue gem. It is extremely powerful, seems impervious to all attack, and steadfastly seeks out its target(s) with the aim of self-destruction.

Adovaquiel (アドヴァキエル)


Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: Decisive Battle in Tokyo-3

Uses its tentacles as weapons to latch on to enemies and throw them; however main means of attacking are high voltage energy bolts thrown at its targets.

Atalibu (アタリブ)


Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: Decisive Battle in Tokyo-3

Capable of manipulating the temperature of the air around it. Attacks with claws, but anything in its vicinity is exposed to far below zero air.

Azrael (アズラエル)


Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: Decisive Battle in Tokyo-3

Capable of manipulating gravity, closes in when attacking.

Zefon (ゼフォン)


Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: Decisive Battle in Tokyo-3

Able to create a beam described as "proton energy cannon". Moves away if engaged in close combat.

Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: Angel Appears!

The sequel to Decisive Battle in Tokyo-3 gives four examples of original angels to fight, however none of them are given images.


Described as humanoid and fairly weak with no special abilities or features.


Humanoid with four arms. Powerful in close combat, but can easily be dealt with at range.


A two-dimensional plane like Leliel. Resistant, but not impervious to physical attacks.


A spherical angel rotating at high speeds that attacks with waves of energy eminating from its body; weak to radiation, including the depleted uranium projectiles.


Appearance: Transformers x Evangelion: Transformers mode “EVA”

Transformers x Evangelion- Transformers mode “EVA” Chapter 1 cover.jpeg

Main article: Crossover characters


T-RIDEN-T Land Cruiser

Appearance: Girlfriend of Steel
Design: Ikuto Yamashita

Color scheme concept for Shinden
Eva-02 with the wrecked Raiden

A series of large combat robots developed by the JSSDF. As they were intended for use in a future conflict, their designated pilots began training young, and at the time of the game's events are the same age as the Eva pilots. Only two T-RIDEN-Ts are known to have been produced, designated Shinden and Raiden, piloted by Musashi Lee Strasberg and Keita Asari respectively.[4] The exact status of the third child soldier, Mana Kirishima, requires further confirmation.

Both Keita and Musashi escape from the JSSDF with the mecha in tow to the Hakone region, getting Nerv involved in the incident. Raiden is totaled, and its pilot seriously injured, after falling over the edge of a waterfall. Shinden initially escapes detection by hiding in Ashinoko during the day, but it is lured out when Mana is used as bait. After being taken down by the Evas in a joint operation between the JSSDF and Nerv, it is annihilated with an N² bomb].

Nearly all information on the T-RIDEN-Ts derives from the Shinden model. [Notes on modes of locomotion, weaponry, etc., go here.]


Production drawing of Shinden

Yamashita comments on the mecha's name: Since the creation process was completely finished, I was finally given notification of the official names: "Shinden" and "Raiden." Because I had wanted a class designation in the original name, the "mu" [矛] of "Gamu" [臥矛, the mecha's temp name] was added onto "Raiden" as "T-RIDEN-T Class Land Cruiser."[5]

To elaborate on the Japanese wordplay here: The second character in "Gamu" (臥矛), pronounced either mu or hoko (depending on context), means "halberd" or "pike," and "sansa no hoko" (三叉の矛, literally "three-pronged halberd") means "trident." Additionally, the English word "trident" converts into Japanese syllables as toraidento, which, coincidentally, contains "raiden": to-raiden-to. Converted back into Roman letters with emphasis on this "container effect," it becomes "T-riden-t."


Jet Alone Kai.jpg

Reference art for JA2

Japanese Designation: JA 改 (JA Kai)
Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion 2
Design: Ikuto Yamashita

A variant of the Jet Alone produced by the same organization, Japan Heavy Chemical Industries. It carries an onboard N² reactor, as opposed to the original JA's nuclear reactor. It constantly vents stream from the wavy exhaust pipes emerging from its back, and maintains a large tank of coolant (water), attached to its hindquarters. During extended periods of operation, the tank must be replenished with fresh coolant from a nearby water body via the supply tube emerging from the tank.[6] Other changes include more robust limbs as opposed to the seemingly flimsy ones of the first Jet Alone, and the large electrified hammer which it wields as a weapon.

In the game, if the player prevents the first Jet Alone from detonating, Shiro Tokita and JA-2 arrive at the beginning of the battle with the Mass Production Evangelions to provide aid to Nerv. They are forced to retreat when the mecha's power supply (that is, its in-game damage gauge) is depleted.

JA-2 was designed by Ikuto Yamashita at the behest of the game's producer, Yoshihiro Okamoto. Of the design itself, Yamashita said, "If I made it too cool, it wouldn't be JA, so I tried hard [to keep it dorky]."[6]


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