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"Making something... Nurturing something is really great. You can see and learn so many things from the process."
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These are characters found in the world of the world of Evangelion that do not appear in the 26 episode TV Series, End of Evangelion, or Rebuild of Evangelion. for Evas/Angels/traditional robots of the same type, see Extracanonical Mecha. For other characters that not from the world of Evangelion but appeard in the world of Evangelion or appeared with the world of Evangelion characters see crossover characters

Nerv: The White Paper

Marie Vincennes

Marie Vincennes (マリイ・ヴァンセンヌ) is an American pilot in the tabletop role-playing game Nerv: The White Paper. While holding the rank of an Eva pilot, she is not cleared for combat and as such has no actual piloting experience, instead being assigned to the scientific branch with the task to improve entry plug harmonics. Initially, she is self-centered and arrogant under a superficial guise of being gentle and soft-spoken. Marie cooperated with both Nerv and the CIA to further her research, but after two agents observing her were killed and her technology caused an Eva to run amok, she realizes the extent of consequences that her actions had. After being hospitalized for an injury sustained in a field trip, she reveals to Nerv staff that the thing the CIA were after was a program written by her that disables her changes made to the entry system; as the CIA wanted it destroyed, she hid it within the necklace of Pen Pen. After that, her attitude and relationships with the rest of the pilots changes for the better dramatically, and when she gets transferred to Nerv China as technical staff for the construction of Eva 08, she is seen off by Misato and the other pilots, to which she replies with "See you again, my friends." Later temporarily returns to help with figuring out a way to ensure power to the Evas after the infrastructure of Japan sustained significant damage throughout the fighting, terrorist attacks on Tokyo-3's power grid and Baraquijal all become an issue at the same time.

Like many other characters, Marie is named after a warship. Most likely it was the USS Vincennes (CA-44) that was sunk during the Battle of Savo Island in 1942, rather than its namesake Ticonderoga-class cruiser (CG-49) that was involved in the infamous Iran Air shootdown incident.

Marie Vincennes

Commander Nikolayev

Nikolayev is the Commander of Nerv Russia. He appears to be open and friendly, but it's unclear if that is a front. Initially refuses the help of Nerv Japan in dealing with the angel Iblis. Although no source is given for his name, given the naval theme in Evangelion character names, he is likely named for the Soviet missile cruiser Nikolayev, the lead ship of the Project 1134B Berkut B (NATO reporting name: "Kara-class") cruisers.

Commander Nikolayev

Girlfriend of Steel

Mana Kirishima

Mana Kirishima (霧島 マナ) appears in the video game Girlfriend of Steel, voiced by Megumi Hayashibara, as Shinji's love interest. She is characterized as an amalgamation of Rei and Asuka and pilots the T-RIDEN-T Land Cruiser. She is enrolled in Shinji's class, and Asuka is extremely jealous of her. As with many other Evangelion characters, her family name comes from a World War II warship; in this case, the Battlecruiser/Fast Battleship Kirishima.

She also appears in the Shinji Ikari Raising Project.

Musashi Lee Strasberg

Musashi Lee Strasberg (ムサシ・リー・ストラスバーグ) is one of Mana's fellow TRIDENT pilots from the Girlfriend of Steel game. He is voiced by Hiro Yuki. He is named after the mighty Yamato-class battleship Musashi and possibly acclaimed actor, director and founder of method acting, Lee Strasberg. Alternatively, his middle name and surname could have been derived from warships: the Battlecruiser/Light Battleship Strasbourg and the American destroyer USS Lee (the choice of middle name is unlikely, since the destroyer is obscure and Lee is a very common name).

Keita Asari

Keita Asari (浅利 ケイタ) is one of Mana's fellow TRIDENT pilots from the Girlfriend of Steel game. He is voiced by Tetsuya Iwanaga. [[]]

Mana introducing herself to the class
Musashi, Keita and Mana

Second Impression

Mayumi Yamagishi

Mayumi Yamagishi (山岸 マユミ) appears in the video game Neon Genesis Evangelion: Second Impression. She wears glasses, likes to read books, and somehow has a core of an Angel inside of her. She is voiced by Kyoko Hikami. Her personality is a essentially female version of Shinji.

Mayumi Yamagishi

Shinji Ikari Raising Project

Kaede Agano ref.png Satsuki Ooi ref.png Aoi Mogami ref.png

Left to right: Keade Agano, Satsuki Ooi, Aoi Mogami

In the Shinji Ikari Raising Project game and manga, three new Nerv technicians are given names:

  • Kaede Agano (阿賀野 カエデ) Half-Russian Nerv staff who is described as being the technician in charge of Casper. Likes to listen to music and drink vodka. She is voiced by Ai Shimizu and named after the World War Two light cruiser Agano and possibly Matsu-class destroyer Kaede (female name or named after the warship, unclear)
  • Satsuki Ooi (大井 サツキ) Intelligent and self-confident, a bit of a workaholic. In charge of Melchior. She is voiced by Maria Yamamoto and named after the World War Two 'torpedo cruiser' Oi and possibly the Mutsuki-class destroyer Satsuki as well (here too, Satsuki is a common female name, adding to the confusion)
  • Aoi Mogami (最上 アオイ) A gentle and caring person who is good friends with Maya Ibuki. Good at cooking, has the most common sense of the trio and is in charge of Balthasar. She is voiced by Yui Horie and named after the heavy cruiser Mogami and possibly the cancelled Tachibana-class destroyer Aoi (it would be hilarious if it were three in a row - but it's perfectly possible!)

3 techs.png

Introducing themselves in the SIRP manga

Detective Evangelion

In the Detective Evangelion game, there are four named murder victims:

  • Natsuko Kako (加古ナツコ), the first murder victim. She is a 14 year old student in Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School. Visually bears a striking resemblance to Nadia from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Named after IJN heavy cruiser Kako.
  • Kyouko Nachi (那智キョウコ), the second murder victim. 29-year-old science teacher at the Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School. Named after IJN cruiser Nachi.
  • Erika Kashii (香椎エリカ), the third murder victim. 27-year-old Nerv staffer in the Forensics Department. Named after IJN cruiser Kashii.
  • Mimi Satsuma (薩摩ミミ), the fourth murder victim. 23-year-old music teacher at the Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School. Named after IJN battleship Satsuma.
Natsuko Kako's corpse
Kyouko Nachi's character sheet
Erika Kashii's character sheet
Mima Satsuma's character sheet

Evangelion Battlefields

  • Kotone Suzunami (涼波コトネ) is a new Evangelion pilot appearing in the mobile game Evangelion Battlefields. Grew up in an orphanage with her parents missing and became a streamer on an unnamed platform. After her recruitment as an Evangelion pilot, she was tasked by Gendo personally to spy on the activities of the other pilots, although too naïve to recognize it as such. Bacame a Member of Wille. Named after the Yūgumo-class destroyer Suzunami.
  • Hitomi Amagi (天城ヒトミ) is a new support staff character appearing in the mobile game Evangelion Battlefields. Serves as a bridge operator and mental health conselor for Nerv and later Wille. Named after the Amagi-class battlecruiser Amagi, the scrapped sister ship of the Akagi.
Kotone and Hitomi's figures

Evangelion Online (Mobile Game) Original Characters

13 C316a.jpg

"Misato, do you know about personality transplant OS?"
"It's the same technology used for operating the Evas, right, Ritsuko?"
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Information on this game is scarce to nonexisting, with the only available sources being of dubious credibility. Take everything in this section with a grain of salt.

EvaOnline Karin Watermark.jpg
  • Karin (カリン)

Allegedly both a pilot and doctor. There seems to be confusion if she is really a child, or an adult in disguise

EvaOnline Fujisaki Watermark.jpg
  • Fujisaki (藤崎)

Only referred to by her second name; Seems to be timid and with proper mannerisms.

EvaOnline Ruri Watermark.jpg
  • Ruri (ルリ)

Described as being a Reserve pilot. Seems to be considerate and softspoken, even when she pilots an Eva Unit.

EvaOnline Kayoko Watermark.jpg
  • Kayoko (カヨコ)

Energetic and self-confident; allegedly has voicelines along the lines of "I am the best pilot in the world"

EvaOnline Chiba Ryou Watermark.jpg
  • Chiba Ryou (千葉リョウ)

Has voice lines along the lines of "My Eva is the strongest!"; seems to be hot-blooded in battle?

EvaOnline Nishimoto Seiya Watermark.jpg
  • Nishimoto Seiya (西本セイヤ)

No information about personality given

EvaOnline Unknown Pilots.jpg
EvaOnline Unknown Eva 4 Unknown Pilot.jpg
EvaOnline Unknown Pilot.jpg

Left to right: Unnamed pilot, "Sharon", "Xibalani"

  • Unknown Characters
  • Unnamed Pilot: Judging by promotional images seems to have been supposed to take a bigger role; not in the final game
  • 沙恩: Allegedly pronounced "Sha(r)on" and judging by promotional images seems to have been supposed to take a bigger role; not in the final game
  • 西瓦妮: Allegedly pronounced "Xibalani". Seems to at some point have been supposed to be the pilot of R19; not in the final game

Evangelion Gaiden

Matsukaze Nene.png
  • Nene Matsukaze (松風ネネ) is a transfer student in class 2-A who always carries a teddy with her, as she believes a spirit by the name of Sandy-san is contained in it. Her character design was chosen from a number of fan submissions from a contest. Named after the Kamikaze-class destroyer Mazukaze

Secret of Evangelion

SoE Kyoya Kenzaki.png SoE Kyoya Kenzaki eyes.png
  • Kyoya Kenzaki (剣崎キョウヤ) is an agent of Nerv, college friend of Kaji and the game's protagonist. Part of Nerv's intelligence division and is tasked with protecting Nerv staff as well as uncovering various secrets and conspiracies; works against Seele. One of his eyes is brown, the other red.

SoE Hitomi Kaga.png
  • Hitomi Kaga (加賀ヒトミ) is a technician with a PhD in metaphysics working on the development of the Evangelions and the Dummy System. She is recognized by Fuyutsuki as being one of the most brilliant scientists in her field, but rather scatterbrained in everyday life and frequently acts on impulses without thinking much, only to later regret it. She does not have any interest in romantic relationships, focusing entirely on her work.

Intelligence Subordinates
SoE Hawk.png SoE Porter.png

Left: Hawk, right: Porter

  • Hawk (ホーク) is a fellow Nerv agent and one of Kyoya's subordinates. Highly talented, but in some routes of the game betrays the player in favor of Seele's money. Hawk is not his real name.
  • Porter (ポーター) is a fellow Nerv agent and one of Kyoya's subordinates. Equally talented, but does not betray the player. Porter is not his real name.

Coup d'etat faction
SoE Hajime Suruga.png SoE Koji Katori.png SoE Mitsuru Wakatake.png

Left ro right: Suruga, Katori, Wakatake

  • Hajime Suruga (駿河ハジメ) is a Nerv technician who, dissatisfied with the treatment of staff, tries to stage a coup d'etat. His final fate is unknown.
  • Koji Katori (香取コウジ) is an engineer in the first Technology Development Department. Dissatisfied, he joins Suruga's faction and tries to steal the activation codes for the dummy plugs, but is killed in the process.
  • Mitsuru Wakatake (若岳ミツル) is an engineer in the first Technology Development Department. HE sent threats to the pilots during the attemptet coup, but was found out and killed.

It's a Miraculous Win

  • Sakura Mogami (最上さくら) is a 24-year-old "office lady" from the It's A Miraculous Win spin-off manga. She is a fanatical Eva fan and obsessive player of Evangelion pachinko, owns Evangelion merchandise and cosplays Rei and Asuka. Her coworkers include some people who happen to look exactly like Evangelion characters, and she dates a pachinko parlor employee who looks exactly like Kaworu. Named after the Mogami-class cruiser Mogami.


See: Crossover characters

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"Making something... Nurturing something is really great. You can see and learn so many things from the process."
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