Everything You've Ever Dreamed

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Everything You've Ever Dreamed is an unused song available only on the S2 Works and Refrain of Evangelion CDs. Like Komm, süsser Tod, the singer is Arianne, while song composition was done by Shiro Sagisu. The original lyrics were by Hideaki Anno which was later adapted into English by Mike Wyzgowski.

Anno's Original Verse

Original Japanese Lyrics: Hideaki ANNO
Transliteration & Translation: Rachel CLARK

English Translation

Everything You've Ever Dreamed

CHORUS: What did you do to that girl?
CHORUS: What did you want to do to her?
I wanted to kiss her.
But I was hurt.
She brought pain to my heart.

Even so,
I hurt that girl's heart, as well.
I inflicted the greatest hurt upon her.
I hurt her with kindness.
CHORUS: Did hurting her bring you sorrow?
CHORUS: Did hurting her bring you pain?

Hurting her gave me pleasure.
Hurting her gave me delight.
Because she wouldn't accept me.
I don't even accept myself.
I haven't since I felt the pain in my heart.
CHORUS: If that's so, why do you live?
If only I would die.

CHORUS: Die. Die. Die. Die.

Why am I still living?
Because I'm still alive.
But that girl hasn't met me.
I want to meet her, but I don't.
The strength to meet her isn't there.
I've been hurt more often than I hurt others, but I'm not accepted.
This is my punishment.

Death will not become my redemption.
For the sake of my redemption, I live.
CHORUS: You go on living, but you don't care.
CHORUS: Selfishly, you go on living, but you don't care.
But how do you intend to make up for everything?

...I don't understand.

Translator's Notes

This translation is somewhat dated and needs a good look-over.


Everything You've Ever Dreamed

Ano ko ni nani o shita? (KÔRASU)
Ano ko ni nani o shitakatta? (KÔRASU)
Ano ko ni KISU o shitakatta.
Demo, tsukete no wa KIZU.
Boku no kokoro wa, KIZU tsuita.

Ano ko no kokoro ni mo, KIZU o tsuketa.
Motto ooki na KIZU o tsuketa.
Yasashisa ga, ano ko ni kizu o tsuketa.
Kizu tsukete, kanashikatta? (KÔRASU)
Kizu tsukete, kurushikatta? (KÔRASU)

Kizu tsukete, ureshikatta.
Kizu tsukete, tanoshikatta.
Dakara, ano ko wa boku o yurusanai.
Boku mo boku o yurusanai.

Kokoro no itami o shitta kara.

Dattara, naze, ikiteru no? (KÔRASU)

Shineba ii noni.

Shine. Shine. Shine. Shine. (KÔRASU)

Naze mada, ikiteru no?
Boku wa mada, ikite iru kara.
Tada, ano ko ni wa aenai.
Aitai kedo, awanai.
Au dake no chikara ga, boku ni wa nai.
Kizu tsuketa boku wa, motto kizu tsukanakute wa, yurusenai.
Kore wa boku no BATSU.

Shi wa, tsugunai ni wa naranai.
Tsugunai no tame ni, ikite iru.
Ikite iku no wa, kamawanai. (KÔRASU)
Katte ni, ikite iku no wa, kamawanai. (KÔRASU)
Demo, dou tsugunau tsumori na no?


Original Japanese Lyrics

Everything you've ever dreamed









Mike Wyzgowski's English Lyrics Adaption

Everything You've Ever Dreamed

What was it she did to break your heart
Betray your heart and everything
Kiss you with a kiss that wasn't true
It wasn't you at all
Hide behind a painted smile, did you know that
You would live a lie or two
Pull the very ground from under you
And leave you nowhere else to run

  • You can sail the seven seas and find

Love is a place you'll never see
Passing you like a summer breeze
You feel life has no other reason to be
You can wait a million years and find
That heavens too far away from you
Love's just a thing others do
What is love
Til it comes home to you

Did she promise you the world and did that
Girl just throw your love away
Leave you like a lonely solitaire
With just despair for company
Do you think you'd find revenge so sweet
Make it so you hearts will never beat
Squeeze the very last and dying breath from
Everything you've ever dreamed

  • Repeat
  • Repeat


  • The introduction of this song can be heard during the Evangelion: Symphony version of Fly Me to the Moon, after a phrase from Misato is played.
  • According to the Refrain of Evangelion booklet, Everything You've Ever Dreamed was considered as "one other possibility along with" Komm, Süsser Tod for the 3rd Impact through Instrumentality sequence.
  • It's also speculated this song was originally going to be used for The End of Evangelion's end credits after the final scene.


  • The lyrics of Everything You've Ever Dreamed (both Anno's original lyrics as well as the English adaption) seem to be about the relationship between Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Soryu.