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Mainkind's Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapons: The Evangelions are humanity's first and only line of defense against the Angels.

Image Model Pilot Soul Description
Eva-00 Evangelion Unit-00


Rei Ayanami Rei I[1] A Prototype Model, piloted by Rei. Originally a testbed, it was later equipped for combat, and brought into battle against the Angels.
Eva-01 Evangelion Unit-01


Shinji Ikari Yui Ikari A Test-Type Model. Eva-01 is the flagship mecha of the Evangelion saga. Piloted by Shinji, but prone to slipping out of control, the unit is central to Gendo Ikari's plans.
Eva-02 Evangelion Unit-02


Asuka Langley Soryu[2] Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu The first Production Model. Eva-02 is piloted by the well trained Asuka. In the New Theatrical Editions, the Eva goes though extensive refits.
Eva-03 Evangelion Unit-03


Toji Suzuhara Toji's mother[3] Sent to Japan for testing after the Eva-04 incident, Eva-03 is taken over by the angel Bardiel upon its first activation.
MP Eva Mass Production Evangelions


Dummy System[4] Unknown Sortied by Seele against Eva-02, the Mass Production series is entirely automated and equipped with S² Engines for indefinite operation.
Eva-04 incident Evangelion Unit-04


Unknown Unknown Eva-04 served as a test bed for the S² Engine before mysteriously exploding and taking all of Nerv Second Branch with it.
Eva-05 (provisional) Evangelion Unit-05


Mari Makinami Illustrious Unknown A Provisional Unit. Eva-05 is outfitted with a considerably less sophisticated motor system than other Evangelions. It does however complete one successful sortie.
Mark.06 Evangelion Mark.06


Kaworu Nagisa
Unknown Constructed on on the moon, Eva-06 halts Third Impact with the Spear of Cassius at the end of Evangelion 2.0, but later as an autonomous unit appears to be involved in starting it up again.
Eva-08 Evangelion Unit-08


Mari Makinami Illustrious Unknown One of Wille's Evangelions. With Mari aboard Eva-08 provides long support fire, and materiel delivery to Eva-02'.
Mark.09 Evangelion Mark.09
Rei Q
Unknown/Vessel of the Adams Apparently more than just an Evangelion, Mark.09 is also the Vessel of the Adams. The unit is capable of taking punishment no ordinary Eva could survive.
Eva-13 Evangelion Unit-13


Shinji Ikari & Kaworu Nagisa Unknown Nerv's latest creation, sporting a D-Type double entry plug system. Eva-13 is ostensibly designed to retrieve the spears of Longinus and Cassius, but Gendo appears to have made other plans.
Multiple Nemesis Series Mk. 04C Evangelion Mark.04
Automated Unknown Apparently connected to Eva-04, the Mk. 04A, Mk. 04B, and Mk. 04C series attack and impede Wille in a post Third Impact world.
Eoe eva graveyard.jpg Failed Evangelion Prototypes
- - Nerv went through many failures in its effort to create Eva-00 and the rest of the Evangelion series. The grim results are on display in the depths of Terminal Dogma.
Simulation Bodies Simulation Bodies


Shinji/Asuka/Rei - Seen during pilot testing in Episode 13. The bodies are taken over by the Angel Iruel.
MP Evas (NTE) Mass Production Evangelions (NTE)
Probably Automated Unknown Show in the preview for Final. Their canonical existence is yet to be confirmed.
Eva-08+02 Eva 08+02
? Asuka & Mari ? ? Show in the preview for Final. It's canonicity is currently suspect.
Failures of infinity Failures of Infinity


- ?!? A multitude of headless, red, petrified Eva-01 like statues are strewn throughout post Third Impact Tokyo-3. They reach out to the severed head of Lilith.
  1. See Eva-00's Soul Theory and Analysis page.
  2. Piloted by Asuka Shikinami Langley in Evangelion New Theatrical Edition.
  3. Probably. See Eva-03's soul Theory and Analysis page.
  4. Kaworu model.
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