Evangelion: Death and Rebirth

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Evangelion: Death and Rebirth (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン劇場版 シト新生, Shin Seiki Evangelion Gekijouban: Shi to Shinsei) is the first Evangelion theatrical release. It is comprised of two parts, Death and Rebirth (see separate articles).

Death and Rebirth is considered an obsolete entity. With the Renewal release of the films, Rebirth is abandoned, and Death and The End of Evangelion are packaged together (see: Revival of Evangelion).


Main article: Evangelion: Death

Compilation of the series into a 1 hour movie.


Main article: Evangelion: Rebirth

The first 25 minutes of The End of Evangelion. Orignally planned to be the whole film but was incomplete.


  • The film's Japanese title, シト新生 ("SHITO shinsei"), can be read two different ways due to the utilization of katakana for the first half. 新生, "shinsei", means "rebirth". SHITO could be 死と ("shi to"), "death and", as per the English title. However, SHITO is also 使徒 ("shito"), what the Angels are called in Japanese (literally "apostle").