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Have some (or possibly "way too much") free time and interested in helping out our noble efforts? No problem! We have plenty of things we need all manner of geeky grunties to do! Here are some of the currently open positions:

  • Translator: We need people who know Japanese, know their Eva, and are willing to translate NGE stuff. So very, very much needs translating, it is simply painful. Please. Help.
  • MediaWiki Wizard: This would entail knowing MediaWiki pretty darn well, and being able to invoke all sorts of magic that would make this website totally awesome.
  • Forum Wizard: This person would know phpBB well enough to make our wickedly ugly forum look really cool, add all sorts of nifty features, keep it from breaking like Eva Monkey's constantly does, etc.
  • Art Director: Basically for the graphic design / illustrator type. It requires the sort of inspiration and vision that Reichu wishes she still had. The Art Director would furnish for the site a logo and a look, and be in charge of graphics in general.
  • Librarian: This one is sort of difficult to explain, but it involves scrummaging together, organizing, and providing NGE resources to the FGP minions. The means would be provided. This job has the badassedly anal, meticulous types in mind. Having at least a basal knowledge of Japanese is nearly mandatory.
  • Sauce Nazi: SAUCE (in other words, citations) are very, very important. Everybody loves sauce, and, if you don't, there is something terribly wrong with you. The Sauce Nazi would be in charge of checking pages to make sure they have the appropriate citations. And, if they are missing, pull out that sniffer and hunt those bitches down!
  • Scribe-Minion: We need Wiki-editors (specifically for this), but registration is everything but open -- Wikipedia this is not. Tell us what you think you have to offer, and you shall be considered. (Just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.)
  • Photoshop Whore: Okay, it doesn't really matter if one uses Photoshop specifically, but this one is for anyone insane enough to spend unholy amounts of time in an image program optimizing an unholy number of screenshots for the computer screen. If such a person actually exists. This is a "not high priority at all, but would be nice" thing.
  • Commentator: .........Just kidding. But so many people "volunteer" themselves for the commentary that it simply needs to be said: Posting comments in the various threads (when the project starts up again) is not exactly "work", in that it requires very little effort compared to the inordinate amount required to make the actual commentary pages and deal with all of the comments people generate to fill them. ...Ye ken?
  • That said, positions for "poor suckers who want to do the behind-the-scenes commentary stuff" will open in due time. Watch this space.

If you are interested, contact Reichu and hope you can get past her anti-spam measures. But, to reiterate: Do not volunteer unless you actually have time to invest and you are willing to make a commitment. Otherwise, there's not much point.

BTW, being hired doesn't mean you'll do a good job. Reichu retains the right to sack your sorry ass if you suck.