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The Fan-Geeks Project includes the MediaWiki section of the website and does not apply to the News or Forums sections. This Privacy Policy applies to all namespaces, including the User and Talk pages. The Privacy Policy may be amended or changed without notice.


Visitors of the website may have their IPs and browser information logged by normal webserver conventions. These logs can only be viewed by the administrators and any personally identifiable information contained within any of the logs will NOT be distributed outside of the administration unless:

  • A valid subpoena or request by a law enforcement agency
  • With the consent of the user in question
  • When legal action is required by the Project or administrators in order to protect the project, it's users, or the public


Contributors of the Fan-Geeks Project will have personally identifiable information that is released publicly. Contributors publish information and in order to ensure this information is accurate and of the highest quality, the contributor is given along with any changes/additions made to the project. By agreeing to the creation and usage of a MediaWiki account, you hereby grant the Project permission to display the account name with any changes/additions you make to any namespace, User, or Talk pages in the Project; this includes the time of the change and the content that was changed.Any information beyond the username of the MediaWiki account will only be available to the administratos and will NOT be distributed outside of the administration unless any of the incidents listed above are met.

All text added to the Project is available for reuse under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, except where otherwise specified.


The Project and its administrators make no guarantee against any unauthorized access to any personal information.