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The Fan-Geeks Project is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, which grants free access to the content as well as copying, modifying, and redistributing as long as it remains under the same license and gives credit to the author. In some namespaces outside of the EvaPedia, or the Encyclopedia, credit may have already been given to certain contributors or original authors, such as translations. Therefore, it is best to simply link to an article to satisfy the credit given to the original author, also since in many cases, the content in the Project will change over time.


Any contributions made to the Project will fall under the GFDL and is licensed to the public. In order for the content contributed to fall under the GFDL, one of the following must be met:

  • The content is the original work of the contributor.
  • The content is already under GFDL or other similarly public license and the terms of that license have been met.
  • The content is copyrighted but owned by the contributor.
  • The content is copyrighted but allows licensing under GFDL because the content is Public Domain.
  • The content is copyrighted but the owner of the copyright has given express permission for it to be used under the Project and therefore be licensed under GFDL.

Any content published in the Project which does not meet these requirements can endanger the Project and its users. If permission to use copyrighted material is given, ensure that it is noted with both the names and dates. Copyright law governs the expression of ideas, and not the ideas or information itself; therefore, it is legal to read an article and reformulate it in your own words, but it is appreciated (to both the Project and the original author) if a citation is made.

External Linking

Linking externally to copyrighted sources is allowed, since it does not violate copyright laws. However, do not link to external sources which violate copyright laws as it is considered a form of contributory infringement in the United States. The citing of sources, especially in the Category:Theory_and_Analysis namepsace, is very much encouraged by the Project.

Images and Media

Since images and other forms of media is considered content, it must also fall under the GNU Free Documentation License, and thus, follow the same requirements as listed above with the addition of the Fair Use policy. The Fair Use doctrine of the United States copyright law gives permission to use copyright materials without permission from the copyright holder(s) given that a set of four factors are satisfied. These four factors can be found in the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107.

Requests for removal of copyrighted materials

If any of the materials or content in the Project are found to be infringing on a copyright, or if an owner of a copyright finds that materials or content in the Project is being used without permission, please contact [email protected] and it will be removed immediately.