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The mysterious Angels continuously assault Tokyo-3. If they manage to defeat Nerv, all of humanity will be wiped out in Third Impact.

This is a list of all the Angels from the original Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series.

Image Name Ordinal Description
Adam Adam


1st The first human on Earth. Progenitor of all "Angelic" Angels.
Lilith Lilith


2nd Progenitor of mankind (Lilin) and all other LCL-based organisms on Earth.
Sachiel Sachiel


3rd First Angel to be encountered in the series. An amphibious humanoid Angel.
Shamshel Shamshel


4th Arthropod-like Angel with deadly "whips of light".
Ramiel Ramiel


5th Powerful octahedral Angel with deadly particle beam and immensely strong A.T. Field.
Gaghiel Gaghiel


6th Aquatic Angel the size of an aircraft carrier.
Israfel Israfel


7th Angel capable of merging into one body and acting in concert even when independent.
Sandalphon Sandalphon


8th Rapidly matured while still in embryonic stage in volcano. Capable of withstanding extremes of temperature and pressure. Resembles the Cambrian predator Anomalocaris.
Matarael Matarael


9th Four-legged spider-like Angel that secretes acid from its ventral eye.
Sahaquiel Sahaquiel


10th Monstrous Angel that threatens to destroy Tokyo-3 by falling on the city from low earth orbit.
Ireul Ireul


11th Angel composed of colonies of microscopic organisms that appears deep inside Nerv Headquarters. Capable undergoing rapid, real-time evolution to adapt to any environment.
Leliel Leliel


12th Angel with a black hole-like shadow body that exists in other dimensions.
Bardiel Bardiel


13th Has a physical structure similar to a slime fungus. Parasitizes and gains control over Evangelion Unit-03.
Zeruel Zeruel


14th Powerful Angel with strong A.T. Field and considerable destructive power. Meets an especially brutal fate.
Arael Arael


15th Glowing suborbital bird-like Angel that probes minds with a beam of light.
Armisael Armisael


16th First appears as a glowing double helix. Capable of changing form and fusing with an Eva.
Tabris Tabris


17th Ostensibly a fifteen year old human male. Vessel of Adam's soul.

Angels (New Theatrical Edition)

The Angels from the Evangelion New Theatrical Edition (Rebuild of Evangelion) movies follow below. Unlike their original series counterparts, they are simply known by their numbers, not their names. While they appear similar to their original series counterparts at first, they diverge increasingly to the point that it is difficult, often impossible, to draw direct comparisons.

Image Name Ordinal Description
Adams ?Adams?
1st(???) Radiant giants present at Second Impact in the New Theatrical Edition continuity. Little concrete information is available.
Kaworu Nagisa Kaworu Nagisa


1st/13th Ostensibly a teenage human male. Originally the First Angel, his position was demoted to the Thirteenth Angel in Evangelion 3.0 as part of the initiating procedure for Fourth Impact.
Lilith Lilith


2nd The Second Angel in the New Theatrical Edition continuity. Different mask than her original series counterpart.
Third Angel Third Angel


3rd A skeletal, vaguely dragon-like creature ultimately destroyed by Eva-05.
Fourth Angel Fourth Angel


4th First Angel in Eva 1.0. Nearly identical to Sachiel from the TV series.
Fifth Angel Fifth Angel


5th Insectlike Angel with energy whips, essentially an updated design of Shamshel from the TV series.
Sixth Angel Sixth Angel


6th Immensely powerful Angel, similar to Ramiel from the TV series but more powerful and capable of shapeshifting.
Seventh Angel Seventh Angel


7th Gigantic bipedal Angel that resembles a stylized clock.
Eighth Angel Eighth Angel


8th Extremely powerful Angel that descends from orbit and shifts through multiple forms.
Ninth Angel Ninth Angel


9th Superficially based on Bardiel from original series, takes over Eva-03 with Asuka Shikinami Langley inside.
Tenth Angel Tenth Angel


10th Extremely powerful and destructive Angel that superficially resembles an updated Zeruel in appearance and abilities.
??? Eleventh Angel


11th Not seen onscreen, or if seen, not identified as such. Entirely mysterious.
Twelfth Angel Twelfth Angel


12th Polymorphous Angel that is seen in Evangelion 3.0.
Angels (general)
First and Second Angels (Seeds of Life): Adam | Lilith
Third to Seventeenth Angels (Adam's Children):
Sachiel | Shamshel | Ramiel | Gaghiel | Israfel | Sandalphon | Matarael | Sahaquiel
Ireul | Leliel | Bardiel | Zeruel | Arael | Armisael | Tabris
Eighteenth Angel: Lilin
Rebuild of Evangelion: ?Adams? | Lilith | 3rd Angel | 4th Angel | 5th Angel | 6th Angel | 7th Angel | 8th Angel | 9th Angel | 10th Angel | 11th Angel | 12th Angel | 1st/13th Angel
Other: Extracanonical Angels