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Mr. Tines (aka Oji-san, Steve-ojisan,...)
Name Mr. Tines (aka Oji-san, Steve-ojisan,...)
Real Name Steve Gilham
Date of birth 5-Sep-1957
Homeland England
Role Web Design Consultant, Dirty Old Man
Lot in life Software Engineer (i.e. professional geek)
Favorite Episode Episode 16
Favorite Character Asuka Langley Soryu
Favorite Relationship Asuka/Maya
Favorite Angel Ramiel
Favorite Evangelion Evangelion Unit-02 - Nigouki

Quoth Reichu

The Dirty Old Man of the group, Mr. Tines manages to thwart all known wisdom about the anime geek generation and be over twice the age of most of us! With age, though, brings wisdom that us youngsters lack, and Mr. Tines regularly manages to put my brain into a blender with his talk of physics, “Singularities”, and cyber-punk miscellany. He's a big help with this website, too! Mr. Tines is the anti-Shinji/Asuka shipper, though, so watch out!

Maybe I'll have bandwidth to do more than this page, someday...