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Episode Information
Episode #07
Title 1: 人の造りしもの
Hito no Tsukurishimono
The Human Creation
Title 2: A Human Work
Episode 07
Written By Hideaki Anno, Yoji Enokido
Directed By Keiichi Sugiyama
First Aired 11-15-1995
Video Release Date 5-2-1996 (Japan-Video/LD), 11-21-2000 (US-DVD)
Angel Appearances none
Eva Sorties Eva-01
Episode chronology
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Ritsuko briefs Shinji on the real nature of Second Impact, the Angels, and the Evangelions' mission to defeat them. Misato and Ritsuko attend the public demonstration of a new Angel-fighting robot, Jet Alone, built by a rival defense contractor to Nerv. However, the nuclear-powered robot quickly runs out of control, and Shinji must use Eva Unit 01 to load Misato onto Jet Alone so she can she can enter in its automatic shutdown code, before it melts down in a nuclear explosion.


Episode 7 opens with a phone conversation between Gendo and an unknown person[1], who tells Gendo that he has answered the information requests with falsified data, and then asks if he should do something about "that other matter". Gendo tells him that no further action is needed.

Meanwhile, it's breakfast time at Misato's apartment, and we learn that Shinji is embarrassed that Misato is a slob who drinks beer for breakfast. He doesn't even want his friends Toji and Kensuke to see her. But as it is Parent Visitation Day, she visits the school, where her appearance dazzles the boys of Shinji's class.

Gendo boards an SSTO[2] and has a conversation with an unknown person where we learn that the budget for building more Evangelions has been approved[3].

Back at H.Q., Shinji is briefed on Second Impact, learning that the meteor impact story is a cover-up, and that the 1st Angel, Adam, had been discovered in Antarctica, and had massively exploded during the investigation. The mission of the Evas is to prevent a Third Impact.

The next morning at breakfast, Shinji is surprised to see Misato ready and in dress uniform. She is going with Ritsuko to a private company's demonstration[4] of its Angel fighting giant robot, Jet Alone[5]. Before the demonstration, Ritsuko questions the executive in charge, Shiro Tokita, about the safety of sending a robot powered by a nuclear reactor into close-quarters battle. Shiro replies that it's better than a weapon that causes mental instability in its pilots and goes out of control like a hysterical woman. Although Ritsuko seems angry during the conference, while Misato seems indifferent, as soon as they are alone Misato starts yelling and kicking a locker while Ritsuko shrugs it off.

During the demonstration, Jet Alone goes out of control and its reactor goes critical. Misato at this point describes J.A. "as badly behaved as the guy who built it!" . As the radio command circuit has been broken Misato decides to catch Jet Alone with Eva-01, enter Jet Alone wearing a radiation suit, and delete its programing directly. First, however, there is a delay to get permission to tell her the delete code, "hope". Shinji catches Jet Alone, and Misato successfully boards it but the password fails and Misato attempts to push the control rods back into J.A.'s reactor herself manually. At the last moment the rods reinsert themselves. Misato realizes that J.A. was never intended to meltdown; what just happened was programmed to happen from the start and it was a set-up.

There is then a scene with Ritsuko telling Gendo that except for Misato's intervention, everything went as planned.

The next morning everything is back to normal at the Misato residence. Shinji is as upset as usual until Toji and Kensuke point out that she shows him a side of her personality that no one else sees because she considers him family. This pleases Shinji.

End of Episode.


  • In the original Japanese dub, one of the Jet Alone tech crew tells Misato that the odds of it simply stopping on its own are 0.00002%. The English dub by ADV Films accidentally left out a zero, saying that the odds are only 0.0002%.
  • The Angel Ramiel's corpse is still being cleared away from last episode. Lt. Hyuga directly points out how expensive removing its dead body is.
  • This episode is cited by the production team and fans as the end of the "Introduction Arc" that began the series. Starting with the arrival of Asuka next episode the "Action Arc" begins, with "Monster of the Week" Angels being fought for several episodes.


  • At one point, one of Shinji's classmates mentions that her mother went to a counseling session and felt she had to "dress up" for the occasion. This is a peculiar statement, as all of the students in Class 2-A are potential Evangelion pilots and are thus supposedly motherless. However, it is possible that she was referring to a step-mother.


  • Toji: "Hmm, Misato is just so cool."
    Shinji: "Yeah I used to think so too, but she's such a slob, she's always embarrassing me and she never does anything but lie around the house. She's not embarrassed about it, but I am."
    Kensuke: "You're a lucky guy."
    Shinji: "What do you mean?"
    Kensuke: "Ikari really is just a kid, now isn't he?"
    Toji: "He sure is."
    Shinji: "Meaning what?"
    Kensuke: "You get to see the true side of her that she doesn't allow us to see. That's very much like a family." (Shinji pauses then realizes the truth of what Kensuke has said, and walks home smiling)


  1. The person to whom Gendo is speaking on the telephone sounds like Kaji, and is played by Kaji's voice actor, Koichi Yamadera, but it's probably impossible to say for sure whether its actually supposed to be Kaji, or if its just another example of economy in casting. Kaji should be in Germany or at sea with Asuka on the way to Japan.
  2. The SSTO or Single-Stage-To-Orbit spacecraft Gendo is on strongly resembles the Pan Am spaceplane from 2001: A Space Odyssey
  3. While on the plane to a conference, Gendo first mentions the planned construction of a larger number of additional Evangelion Units. Gendo specifically discusses the international construction plans for construction up to a planned Eva Unit 06 and Eva Unit 08.
  4. In what's left of Old Tokyo which was destroyed by a nuclear bomb a matter of days after Second Impact, as a result of post-Impact political unrest. By 2015, it is an uninhabited half-flooded wasteland, occasionally used by the military as a testing ground for potentially dangerous new weapons like the giant robot Jet Alone.
  5. Jet Alone is named after Jet Jaguar, Godzilla's robot sidekick from the 1973 film "Godzilla vs. Megalon". See Jet Alone for details.

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