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The 1.0 part corresponding to episode 2 has a difference in the order of events compared to the anime. While the anime shows the fight against Sachiel retrospectively, as a flashback, the film follows the fight against Fourth Angel in the chronological order.

Events will be portrayed as per the original anime.

Face Plant!

02 C200 faceplant 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C08 faceplant 1.jpg

02 C200 faceplant 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C08 faceplant 2.jpg

In Rebuild, she falls onto her knees first. Huh.

Black Eye

02 C222 crack 1.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C29 crack1.jpg

02 C222 crack 2.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C29 crack2.jpg

Some new-looking stuff actually flashes on the screen during Sachiel's poundage, but we only have enough room for so much. (Plus these screens are so crappy, you should consider any deprivation an act of mercy.) Shinji's nut has been removed to give us a better view of Sachiel's handsome visage.

Rude Awakening

02 C001 shinji-zomg.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C04 shinji-zomg.jpg


This is Tokyo-3.png This is Tokyo-3 Jo.png

02 C093 tokyo3.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C26 tokyo3.jpg

Tokyo-3 ep. 2.png CG Tokyo-3.png

Tokyo-3 ep. 2 2.png Tokyo-3 Jo.png

CG. Yay, w00t w00t.

"I'm Home"

Tadaimasu.png Tadaimasu jo.png

Yebisu.png Variety.png

Note some variety in the Rebuild counterpart. There's more advertising too. Doritos and all.

Drunk.png Drunk jo.png

Pen Pen

02 C152 penpen.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C13 penpen.jpg


Nude.png Nude jo.png

A soul bath

Bath.png Bath jo.png

Misato bath.png Misato bath jo.png

In addition to the color of the water, Shinji's pose is a mirror image of Misato's. Also, there is a slight presence of Misato's nipples.

Bousou is Japanese for "Batshit Insane"

When the original battle was THAT cool, why change anything? All available cuts of the Eva-01/Sachiel battle correspond to ones in the original, although some have been completely redesigned. And, in over ten years, Sachiel couldn't come up with a more interesting way to piss Sho off than by breaking her arm and poking out her eye. Sheesh...

02 C257 jaws 1.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C02 jaws 1.jpg

02 C257 jaws 2.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C02 jaws 2.jpg

The original has more detail in the drawing. Also, the Rebuild sequence is wildly different: Rather than prying the jaw pieces apart and breaking a peg, Sho has to... Eh, better to see it in action yourself.

02 C260 1 rearing.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C03 1 rearing.jpg

02 C260 2 rawring.jpg Dark picture is daaaaaark.

Original much more detailed here, as well. (Then, if we're being dealt a heavy hand of Cel Shading, this might be expected.) At least we get some eye-blinking action. And no more silly jointed mandible piece.

02 C262 flip 1.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C03 flip1.jpg

02 C262 flip 2.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C03 flip2.jpg

02 C262 flip 3.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C03 flip3.jpg

Okay, probably impossible to see anything in the shitty trailer caps, but you can pretend.

02 C268 eva01-run-up.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C04 eva01-run-up.jpg

02 C269 eva01-run.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C05 eva01-run.jpg

The blight of the shrunken pylons... Why? Why?

02 C279 atf-rip.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C08 atf-rip.jpg

Taste the rainbow.

02 C282 sachi-eyes.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw2 C30 sachi-eyes.jpg

Sachi's eyes still go all sparkly before he does his crucifix of light thingy. His looks haven't changed in ten years!

02 C288 armtwist 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C53 arm-twist 1.jpg

02 C288 armtwist 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C53 arm-twist 2.jpg

Looks like it's red blood now for our Sachi. Appropriate enough, considering every other Angel known to have blood has it in red.

02 C292 charge 1.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C06 charge 1.jpg

02 C292 charge 2.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C06 charge 2.jpg

The original douga is represented here frame for frame. Stupidly enough, they let a blooper get through here: Day-Glo Eva-01 is supposed to have PAIRED stripes on her horn, not just one. WHOOPS. (Was it fixed in the final?)

02 C300A crackcore.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C07 crackcore.jpg

Oooo... Core is spark-ly...

02 C307 kaboom.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C09 kaboom.jpg

02 C308 cross.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C10 cross.jpg

The rainbow symbolizes the homosexual inclinations that Sachiel had been hiding during his extremely short life. With his completely ineffective suicide explosion, he has been liberated... in more ways than one.

Or not.

Not included here is the first frame or two, showing that Sachiel bursts into a bloodbath a split second before KABOOM! Lovely.

02 C311 emergence.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C46 emergence.jpg

Drastic differences, most evident in motion. Rebuild Eva-01 has more of a "possessed Eva-03"-type walk going on. Also note how she looks suspiciously like a man in a suit.

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