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01 C005 big2.jpg Rebuild Tanks.png

Note the change of color in the water

Our hero!

Shinji Ep 1.png Rebuild OurHero.png

"Whatta waste of change..."

01 C018 shinji-phone.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C47 shinji-phone.jpg

We get more of a "lost in the middle of nowhere" sense here.

Birds Alerted by Local Quantum Phenomenon

01 C023 birds.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C01 birds.jpg

Direct retake. Now more minimalistic. As noted, the birds’ movement correspond extensively to the original.

Crashing Heavy Fighter VTOL

01 C041 vtol-crash 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C59 vtol-crash 1.jpg

01 C041 vtol-crash 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C59 vtol-crash 2.jpg

Direct frame-for-frame correspondence here, although the level of detail has been bumped way up.

Retro Rocket Angel

01 C042 sachi-jump 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C27 sachi-jump 1.jpg

01 C042 sachi-jump 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C27 sachi-jump 2.jpg

Jeepers, they spared no expense on this one; calling it a "trace job" wouldn't really be exaggerating. Though the little "halo" flourish is cute.

Get in the Car!

Getinthecar.png Rebuild MisatoCar.png

Operating System updated

Ep.1 Nerv.png Rebuild Nerv.png

Sachiyaki, or, "Why settle for one when you can have two?"

01 C128 2nd-face.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C29 2nd-face.jpg

In the original, this shot is stationary, whereas Rebuild actually animates the second face emerging (something depicted in the manga, as well). Definitely a welcome addition. The ichor seems to be obscured by the heat haze / crappy trailer quality.

N2 Bomb Explosion

Ep.1 Explosion.png Rebuild Explosion.png

Are they in the Moon?

Car Talk

Ep1 CarTalk.png Rebuild CarTalk.png

Ep1 Door.png Rebuild Door.png

Nerv Elevator

Ep1 Elevator.png Rebuild Elevator.png

Inside Dogma

Ep1 Inside.png Rebuild InsideCentral.png

Ep1 Inside2.png Rebuild InsideCentral2.png

Nerv environment

Ep1 Nerv.png Rebuild InsideNerv.png


Ep1 Ritsuko.png Rebuild Ritsuko.png

Ep1 Encounter.png Rebuild Encounter.png

First Encounter

Ep1 Eva1.png Rebuild FirstEncounter.png

Ep1 Rejection.png Rebuild Rejection.png

Random Guys

Ep1 RandomGuys.png Rebuild RandomGuys.png

Misato's gaze

Ep1 Misato.png Rebuild Misato.png

Injured Rei

01 C257 shinji-rei.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C08 rei-shinji.jpg

01 C258 rei-bed.jpg Rebuild1 hikki-bw C09 rei-bed.jpg

Shinji's expression seems more... effective in Rebuild.

Pain in the Neck

01 C300 eva01-plug.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C02 eva01-plug.jpg

A much more intricate restraint set-up this time around. The wall-like structures that envelop the shoulder pylons are either eliminated for Rebuild, or they have withdrawn by this point. The gizmo in the upper right with the (oldskool) Nerv logo on its seems to be the entry plug insertion mechanism, though it’s hard to see given the angle and all the stuff blocking the view.

Eva-01, Uncaged!!

01 C315 eva01-uncaged 1.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C58 eva01-uncaged 1.jpg

01 C315 eva01-uncaged 2.jpg Rebuild1 trailer2 C58 eva01-uncaged 2.jpg

To the Launchpad!!

01 C324 eva01-move.jpg Rebuild1 trailer1 C04 eva01-move.jpg


01 C343B eva01-up.jpg Rebuild1 15sec-sc C01 eva01-up.jpg

No contest here.

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