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Evangelion:3.0+1.0 FAQ

This is a compilation of frequently asked questions about the film Evangelion:3.0+1.0.

General Questions

Why is the movie called 3.0+1.0 and not 4.0?

There is no definitive answer to the question yet, fans speculated it could be a stylistic choice, a case of tetraphobia (fear of the number 4) or it could have a deeper meaning. Or all three option altogether.

Why is the movie also referred as "Shin Eva"?

The movie, like all previous entries of the Evangelion series, has two different titles. "Shin Eva" is the abbreviation of "Shin Evangelion Gekijōban", the Japanese title.

What is the ( :|| ) at the end of the Japanese title?

In music ( :|| ) is the repit sign. It means "go back to the beginning and play again, then continue". It is left to interpretation however if the ( : ) are part of the musical sign or if it's a colon. If it is indeed a colon, the music symbol ( || ) simply means "end".

When is the movie premiering?

The movie is expected to release in 2020 in Japan.

"EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 AVANT 1 (from beginning to 10:40) Version 0706" Questions

Where are Shinji, Asuka and Rei?

According to Mari, they are yet to be found.

How much time passed since the events of Evangelion:3.0 You Can (Not) Redo?

Considering the state of Unit-08 and the absence of Shinji, Asuka, Rei it is likely not much time passed. It is possible the movie could take place only a few hours after the events of Evangelion:3.0.

What is Wille doing in Paris?

Will is attempting to recover spare parts for Unit-08 and Unit-02 from Euro-NERV facilities.

Why is Unit-08 fitted with guns as arms? How can it fly?

The new configuration of Unit-08, named "ICC" (Improvised Combat Configuration), was implemented after the events at the end of Evangelion:3.0. Its arms were corroded beyond repair by contact with Awakened Eva-13 while extracting the Entry Plug containing Shinji.

The ability to levitate, called "cable flight", is provided by a device mounted on Unit-08's waist powered by the AAA Wunder. Mari is not in control of her Eva's aerial movements, as it is controlled by Sumire Nagara.

Why are Ritsuko, Maya and the others wearing plug suits and helmets?

Paris is described as "category 6 core-converted surface", and "oxygen density reads at -3". Ritsuko also notes that "the L-Barrier density is quite high". It is implied in numerous scenes of previous Evangelion movies that core material is a strong corrosive substance. The plugsuits and helmets temporary protect the members of Wille from the effects of the corrosion.

The small DSRV (Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle) is presumably used as a shield from the hostile environment during the descent to Euro-NERV's 1st Sealing Pillar.

What is a Sealing Pillar?

Evangelion:2.0 quietly introduced Angel-Sealing Hex Glyphs, a technology capable of containing or/and repelling, at least partially, the Angels. In the same movie Angel-Sealing Hex Pillars were introduced.

The Sealing Pillar is capable of activating the Anti-L system, a system capable of nullifying the effects of the L-Barrier. The Pillar is also confirmed to be similar in nature to the Evangelion Units and difficult to control using human language. It is not known yet if the effect of the Anti-L system are permament or not.

If the Pillar in Paris is different from the Pillars seen before is currently unknown too.

What is the L-Barrier?

In the last scene on Evangelion:3.0 Asuka says:

The L Barrier density is too high here, so they won't be able to come for us.
We'll go someplace where the Lilin can pick us up.

While currently not definitely confirmed, it is implied that the L-Barrier is generating the corroding material and the unbreathable air in the proximities of Tokyo-3 and Paris.

SPECULATION: the L stands for Lilin.

How can Shinji, Asuka and Rei walk and breath without issues in the L-Barrier at the end of 3.0?

In various scenes of Evangelion:2.0 and Evangelion:3.0 the pilots display physical features superior to the norm: Shinji is capable of ripping apart Unit-01's control panel using bare hands; Asuka is capable of breaking a thick glass with a punch; Asuka, Mari and Shinji are subject to physical changes when reaching high synch rates with their Eva Units; Asuka and Mari do not age (Curse of Eva). More than once Ritsuko also mentions that the pilots may be subjected to contamination or they may lose their humanity. It appears that pilots are somewhat more than simple humans and have no repercussions from being in the L-Barrier.

How is the Pillar activated?

The Wille crew succesfully hacks the Pillar to activate the Anti-L system. The operation was already initiated and completed up to stage 4 out of 5 by unnamed "precessors", possibly Euro-NERV members.

What are the new Eva Units?

There are three new enemy Evangelion types in the movie, all featuring Lilith's mask and the new NERV logo from Evangelion:3.0.

  • Eva 44A [read as "4 two A"]. It is composed of two different Eva Units fused together. It can fly and it is equipped with a Lance of Longinus. They do not display great strenght as their AT-Field is destroyed by Unit-08's cannons and they don't show any long distance attack.

Interestly, Ritsuko states that they formed a colony of their own and that they are now a new creature.

The next two Eva types work in tandem.

  • Eva 44B [read as "4 two B"]. It is composed of two different Eva Units fused together. They don't display any ability of attacking or defending on their own. They support Eva 4444C with the energy required to fire its positron cannon.
  • Eva 4444C [read as "4 four C"], nicknamed "the Boss" by Midori. It is composed of four Eva Units holding and aiming a positron cannon. A series of long and flexible drills give him a medium-range attack and defense mechanism. The power to operate its positron cannon is supplied bu the Eva 44B.

The military use of 44B and 4444C is said to be prohibited by the Vatican Treaty, an international treaty introduced in 2.0 to limit the number of Eva Units a single nation can operate.

Who is coordinating the enemy Eva?

Fuyutsuki. It is presumably not a full scale attack as Ritsuko says that he's merely testing them.

What does Mari mean at the end with "preparing Unit-08 for overlapping"?

Currently unknown.

In the Ultraman mythology, a Japanese TV-series source of inspiration for Evangelion, the term "Ultra Overlapping" is used to indicate a fusion of the 6 Ultra Brothers. It is possible the word has been choses as an homage and Unit-08 will fuse with another Eva Unit later in the movie.