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Evangelion 1.11 is the second DVD release of the theatrical version of Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone and includes several added scenes. The brightness has been fixed from 1.01 and the majority of all the shots have been reframed. This article lists the modifications made between the 1.01 DVD release and the 1.11 DVD/BD release.

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Cut 1.01 1.11 Comments
098A Eva1.01-C098A.jpg Eva1.11-C098A.jpg Car train door closing.
x127A Eva1.01 Cx127A.jpg Eva1.11-Cx127A.jpg Misato and Shinji in car train. Misato says, "It's the same with me." (Card now lying on dashboard.)
135 Eva1.01-C135.jpg Eva1.11-C135.jpg Elevator opening to reveal Ritsuko.
136 Eva1.01-C136.jpg Eva1.11-C136.jpg "Ara, Ritsuko."
137 Eva1.01-C137.jpg Eva1.11-C137.jpg Ritsuko steps in elevator.
138 Eva1.01-C138.jpg Eva1.11-C138.jpg "Why you wasting my time, Katsuragi?"
139 Eva1.01-C139.jpg Eva1.11-C139.jpg "Gomen!"
140 Eva1.01-C140.jpg Eva1.11-C140.jpg "sigh"
141 Eva1.01-C141.jpg Eva1.11-C141.jpg "Pleased to meet you."
142 Eva1.01-C142.jpg Eva1.11-C142.jpg "Uh, hai."
145 Eva1.01-C145.jpg Eva1.11-C145.jpg "Take care of things here, Fuyutsuki."
146' Eva1.01-C146'.jpg Eva1.11-C146'.jpg "It's been three years..."
169 Eva1.01-C169.jpg Eva1.11-C169.jpg Shinji, Eva-01, and Gendo in his box. "You just want me to get into this thing and go out there and fight?"
172 Repetition of 169.
(lol dunno) Eva1.01-gendo and shinji.jpg Eva1.11-gendo and shinji.jpg Gendo in his box with Shinji's in the background monitors.
174B Repetition of 169.
x179 Eva1.01-Cx179.jpg Eva1.11-Cx179.jpg Shinji in front of Eva's eye. (Shinji is closer to the camera; Eva-01 is the same.)
x187 Eva1.01-Cx187.jpg Eva1.11-Cx187.jpg Shinji develops shadow brow. (Shinji and Misato repositioned. Background altered; Nerv logo changed to old version.)
197B Eva1.01-C197B.jpg Eva1.11-C197B.jpg Flash of young Shinji crying.
x231 Eva1.01-Cx231.jpg Eva1.11-Cx231.jpg Eva-01's entry plug getting inserted (top view). (Plug now has "EVA-01" written on it instead of "EVA". The exposed part of the spinal implant looks different.)
306 Eva1.01-C306.jpg Eva1.11-C306.jpg Acid trip Shinji closeup. (After arm gets broken)
310 Eva1.01-C310.jpg Eva1.11-C310.jpg Zoom in on Shinji's left eye.
315 Eva1.01-C315.jpg Eva1.11-C315.jpg Ritsuko: "The armor won't hold much longer!"
343 Ritsuko: "Berserker?!?" (repeat of cut 315)
367 Eva1.01-C367.jpg Eva1.11-C367.jpg Misato: "zomg it broke through that ATF so easily!"
373 Eva1.01-C373.jpg Eva1.11-C373.jpg Eva-01 lurching forward (right before ripping off Sachi's arms).
401 Misato: "...hontou no sugata!" (repeat of cut 367)
001A Eva1.01-C001A.jpg Eva1.11-C001A.jpg Red bubbly stuff right before the "Ikari? Ayanami?" train scene.
406 Eva1.01-C406.jpg Eva1.11-C406.jpg Creepy deformed Rei.
410 Eva1.01-C410.jpg Eva1.11-C410.jpg Shinji sitting in hospital bed, from above.
428 Eva1.01-C428.jpg Eva1.11-C428.jpg HIP report.
433 Eva1.01-C433.jpg Eva1.11-C433.jpg Shinji turning away from hopsital window.
437 Eva1.01-C437.jpg Eva1.11-C437.jpg Shinji staring at Rei, then looking down.
439 Eva1.01-C439.jpg Eva1.11-C439.jpg Side view of aircraft at Sachiel's suicide site.
455 Eva1.01-C455.jpg Eva1.11-C455.jpg Shinji staring up at Daddy.
457 Eva1.01-C457.jpg Eva1.11-C457.jpg Father and Son having a staring contest.
463 Eva1.01-C463.jpg Eva1.11-C463.jpg Panoramic floor.
520 Eva1.01-C520.jpg Eva1.11-C520.jpg Misato chugging beer.
522 Eva1.01-C522.jpg Eva1.11-C522.jpg Misato plops her beer down and gives us a molar closeup.
524 Misato happy face. (Same frame as cut 522)
526 Again. (Same as cut 522)
536 She's going for his cranium! (same frame as cut 522)
596 Eva1.01-C596.jpg Eva1.11-C596.jpg Through-the-window view of Toji slugging Shinji again.
620 Eva1.01-C620.jpg Eva1.11-C620.jpg "Center the target, pull the trigger..."
629 Eva1.01-C629.jpg Eva1.11-C629.jpg Shinji's feet, with garbage.
651 Eva1.01-C651.jpg Eva1.11-C651.jpg Shinji lying on ground, with Rei's feet.
x713 Eva1.01-Cx713.jpg Eva1.11-Cx713.jpg Shamshel rearing up. (Now with halo.)
722 Eva1.01-C722.jpg Eva1.11-C722.jpg Shinji closeup, before dashing out against Shammy.
723 Eva1.01-C723.jpg Eva1.11-C723.jpg Eva-01 emerging with gatling gun.
726A Eva1.01-C726A.jpg Eva1.11-C726A.jpg Shinji all "grrrr!" while firing at Shammy.
726B Eva1.01-C726B.jpg Eva1.11-C726B.jpg Closeup of Shinji's trigger finger.
736 Eva1.01-C736.jpg Eva1.11-C736.jpg Shamshel completely obscured by smoke.
742 Eva1.01-C742.jpg Eva1.11-C742.jpg Spare rifle being revealed.
747 Eva1.01-C747.jpg Eva1.11-C747.jpg Shinji looking up in horror at the tentacle demon.
748 Eva-01 and Shamshel.
749 Closeup of Shinji.
759 Shinji's "oh shit" face after losing the cable.
769 Eva-01 sinking behind the jinja.
770 Shinji strains back up.
771 Shinji looks down at the surprise between 01's fingers.
773 Toji and Kensuke stir from between 01's fingers.
774 Toji and Kensuke looking up at 01 all teary-eyed.
786 Toji: "Why doesn't he fight?"
787 Kensuke: "He can't move because of us!"
797 Eva-01's plug ejecting.
798 Kensuke and Toji, with Misato telling them to get into the plug.
818 Shinji screaming like a freak after entry plug interior turns red.
819 Closeup of Eva-01's foot, kicking off to deal final blow to Shammy.
858 After Eva-01 powers down, Toji and Kensuke watching Shinji in silence.
897 Shinji on the train, as passengers come and go
908 Misato looking into Shinji's abandoned room, thinking about what a baka he is.
976 Eva-00 from top, starting to resist restraints.
980 Eva-00 from top, breaking out of restraints.
982 Eva-00 from the side, convulsing and grabbing her head (before having power jettisoned).
996 Gendo dramatically shouting "Rei!"
1001 Eva-00 backing off from the window.
1009 Gendo running to 00's entry plug.
1010 Gendo grabbing the device to open hatch of plug.
1013 Gendo opening hatch of 00's plug.
1015 00 plug with LCL oozing out.
1040 Closeup of Shinji's eyes (after he watches Rei during gym).
1044 Shinji watching Rei from inside the plug.
1047 Closeup of 1044.
1079 Shinji ringing Rei's doorbell.
1081 Again.
1096 Shinji with glasses on, turning to look at teh Rei.
1120 Shinji jumping up after realizing where his hand has been.
x1166 Ramiel approaching Tokyo-3. (Now with halo.)
1180 Misato telling Shinji to dodge.
1188 Warning screen while Eva-01 is getting fried (right after closeup of 01's face).
1206 Warning screen while Eva-01 is getting fried (right after closeup of 01's chest).
1240 Entry plug being pulled out of fried Eva-01. (top view)
1292 People at airport. (While Operation Yashima is being announced.)
1346 Shinji and Rei in the hospital. ("We leave in 90 minutes" --> "Then stay here and rest.")
1503A Crap with wires and sparks, right after the pan of Eva-01 on the shooting range.
1504 Monitor with power connections ("No problems in Stage Four power connection."), right before Misato shouts, "Disable final safety device!"
x1641 Ramiel collapsing. (Now with rainbow.)
1658 Shinji opening the hatch of Rei's plug
1683-1718 New cuts
x Eyecatch (1.01 to 1.11)