FGC:OP Cut 085

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
Enigmatic characters (angelic script), a closeup of a page from the Dead Sea Scrolls possessed by Seele.
Reichu: Piece of parchment, clearly worn and beat-up, with enigmatic characters written on it: This here, folks, is a piece of the elusive “Secret” Dead Sea Scrolls. (This had been a pet theory of mine for a while, before I was finally able to confirm it with Eva tomo no kai.)

Interesting how the storyboard refers to this as “angelic script” (tenshi no moji). There is a real Angelic Script, or Celestial Alphabet, created by angelologists by modifying the Hebrew alphabet. The style of the characters here is very similar, but they don't correspond to any of the “real” letters. Some of them look vaguely kanji-like , but that observation is ultimately irrelevant, methinks. It's worth considering that, just maybe, this "angelic script" was severed from the Hebrew alphabet for a very, very deliberate reason...