FGC:OP Cut 004e

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
A girl within a window frame.

Shinji fades out.

Reichu: Wow, Rei actually has clothes on. For once.

thewayneiac: She does?! Boooo!

Gundampilotspaz: This is such a perfect image. Shinji standing outside, with Rei visable but unable to be touched. This might symbolize not only their emotional relationship but the fact that Rei knows more about Shinji's father than Shinji himself does.

Shin-seiki: I think this is one of the coolest shots in the OP (Rei looks very mysterious and enigmatic). This first thing I noticed about this image is that Rei's right eye is obscured and her right arm is “broken” by the window frame (not to mention it's yet another instance of cross imagery).

Reichu: Wow — very interesting. But doesn't Rei always look “mysterious and enigmatic”? Looks, sounds, heck, she probably even smells “mysterious and enigmatic”. I don't have any evidence to back that up, though.