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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

07 C293b.jpg


Misato sits up.
For a short time she looks around, stunned.

MISATO:“The program has been altered.”

UrsusArctos: Even a gumshoe detective would have been very suspicious of Nerv's involvement in the incident. Had Misato really thought back to this moment later, she'd have realized that Nerv was involved in something they weren't telling her about. But this moment passes, without further thought or comment.

FrDougal9000: The biggest criticism I hear of this episode is how 'pointless' it is: it doesn't advance the plot, and nothing particularly interesting of note happens. Now, I disagree with that opinion, but I feel that if Misato thought back to this moment, even just once, it would have made it clearer to viewers that this episode did matter (at least in the sense that episodes should only matter by their contributions to the plot).

Sailor Star Dust: Maybe she did, 'off-screen' in Episode 15 or 16? (A pity if that's what it came down to, since this episode is incredibly important regarding Nerv's shady side.)