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Ritsuko, worked up, with Misato in the foreground, playing with a straw in her mouth.
Misato is like "“how about giving up already?”"
She speaks with disgust.
However, Ritsuko doesn't stop.
She leans forward slightly as she speaks.

TOKITA (OFF・RIGHT):“I think that it is more humane than burdening pilots and bringing about their mental contamination.”

MISATO:“Cut it out. This is childish.”

RITSUKO (OFF):“There is also an issue with manual control.”

UrsusArctos: Misato's childish playing with the straw hints at who's really being childish. We'll see what they're actually thinking soon enough - complete with an ironic callback to her line.

imprimatur13: To expand a bit on what UA said: Tokita and Ritsuko's exchange here reminds me of Misato and Shinji's earlier, when they were casual. Here, Tokita is talking down to her the way Shinji was to Misato (but more so). The difference, is that unlike Mitchan, Ritsuko is able to formulate a response. However, Misato still calls her behavior "childish". Why, when she did the same thing before (and not as skillfully)?

I think that, between the first Misato/Shinji scene and the second, she realized how ridiculous she had behaved, and was a bit embarrassed. Now, she's calling out Ritsuko for a fault she herself has. This is typical of NGE's characters. (Asuka calls out Rei in the elevator for being a "doll", which is exactly what Asuka was as a child.)

FrDougal9000: Another great face, and I'll admit to feeling like that at many a social occasion.