FGC:Episode 05 Cut 015

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The items on the check monitor rapidly turn black

IBUKI (OFF - PANICKING):“The pulses are flowing backwards!”

UrsusArctos: We keep hearing this each time an Eva goes berserk.

Azathoth: As noted, a pretty standard-issue piece of Eva technobabble - which is actually rather disturbing if you think too hard about some of the things it suggests. Are these "pulses" the neural impulses of the pilot, as intended to control the Eva? If so, what's implicit here is that a berserking Eva doesn't gain direct control of its own body - rather, the neural impulses of the Eva are flowing into the pilot, manipulating the unfortunate kid like a puppet to do whatever the Eva itself wants. Which would go some way to explaining why Shinji at least has only a limited ability to recall berserking events, if his brainwaves are being overwritten by Unit 01's - and when Shinji has his own encounter with Unit 00, he remembers nothing at all.