FGC:Episode 04 Cut 179

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

04 C179.jpg

Rei from below. Her injuries still haven't healed.

Ritsuko (OFF):“…But…”

Ikari (OFF):“Regardless of the results of EVA-00's re-activation experiment, we'll move on to experimenting with EVA-01.”

Gundampilotspaz: That Gendo can say something like this while Rei is still horribly injured brings the words "You Cold Bastard!" to mind.

Reichu: Okay, folks, here's something I do not get. Here, the G-man is eager to forget about Zero and experiment with Rei and Sho -- yet they spent months trying to get Rei to synchronize with the One-Eyed Wonder. If Gendo is willing to cast aside EVA-00 so easily, why didn't they just give Rei EVA-01 from the beginning and, er, "configure" Zero for somebody else? There are quite a number of plot holes going on here — but that's no real surprise.

OMF: I don't think Shinji's part in Gendo's scenario has ever been fully explained.

Reichu: Perhaps so… Nothing that will protect this show from some heavy-duty nitpicking later on, though. ;;D