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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Toji leans forward on the desk coercively.

Kensuke dangles his arms, unamused.

Toji:“So what!? Don't you have any balls!?!”

OMF: Toji is just so charmingly uncouth at times.

Reichu: Toji's talking about MATANKI here. I wondered for a while what the hell this was, and then someone suggested reading it backwards… (マタンキ→キンタマ Or, for those of you who can't read that, MA-TA-N-KI→ KI-N-TA-MA.) Ohhhh… Reversing the syllables of words seems to be a common thing among Japanese youth; I remember Tsukasa from Hana Yori Dango doing this.

Kintama literally means "gold ball" — sort of equivalent to the slang "family jewels", if you think about it…

Incisivis: In what I think is pure coincidence, Toji looks like a parody of people who would demand the best from everyone at everytime when he demands to know why Kensuke didn't resist the NERV MIBs, showing the kind of overzealous accountability that's just as ludicrous as allowing no accountability.

Reichu: Also, I love the way Toji throws his head around when he talks. Very emphatic. ^_^