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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

04 C138a.jpg

04 C138b.jpg

Kensuke assumes a comfortable pose.

Kensuke:“I really envy you. Living with such a beautiful woman and getting to pilot Evangelion.”

OMF: Kensuke's envy of Shinji's situation will gradually seem more and more idiotic as the series progresses. Eventually his desperate urge to pilot Eva will seem like a man asking to drink hemlock. Kensuke holds onto the dream of piloting, despite the nightmare that the reality actually is.

Incisivis: I think it's interesting to note that Kensuke's attitude is one often expressed by non-NGE fans, albeit in a more hostile way than his: that since Shinji lives with a beautiful woman and gets to pilot a "robot", he has no right to complain. That's bullshit, really. Whatever thrills Misato and the Eva might provide in someone's fantasy have nothing to do with what helps people with their problems and restores their strength.

His attitude also begs the question whether or not Kensuke is a spoof or a wreck. I want to say a little bit of both, but the truth is I'd rather concentrate on "wreck". More than once I've wondered if his warphilia is a way of coping with his situation.

04 C138c.jpg

04 C138d.jpg

04 C138e.jpg

Kensuke mimics the act of piloting, using the stick like a lever.

Shinji watches Kensuke.

Kensuke:“Oh, I wish I could get behind the controls just once!”