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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C070a.jpg

03 C070b.jpg

Toji sits on the desk. Kensuke speaks in a light manner while peering into his camera.

Kensuke:“They've been evacuated. Or transferred to other schools.”

Reichu: Considering the true nature of Class 2-A (which we'll learn much later), one has to wonder why any students were allowed to leave…

Keisuke-kun: I'm guessing only the important candidates were made to stay.

Reichu: Far as we know, they're all equally qualified. Well, except for the couple that actually are Eva pilots.

tv33: Why is it that Toji doesn't have to obey the dress code?

Reichu: 'Cuz he'll beat up anyone who argues with it. (But it's not as if Toji never wears the standard school attire.)

HeWhoPostsStuff: 'Cuz the jocks always get special treatment. Bet he'll go to college on a football scholarship too, while he's at it. :P

Reichu: Depends on whether or not he manages to "get better" from the injury he'll sustain later on… :(

Keisuke-kun: I'm not sure, but at the school I attended there were some kids who didn't wear the whole uniform. Hell, I'd take off my jacket sometimes because it was so hot. The teachers usually don't care. In Toji's case, he's wearing gym clothes, but when some girls in my school did it for one class, the teachers told them off. But I don't think Shinji's teacher even knows he has students.