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On the monitor screen, the Angel takes a direct hit and collapses, exploding.
Shin-seiki: Wow, the computer simulation Sachiel has been somehow persuaded to not utilize his A.T. Field.

Sharp-kun: As I said, Nerv's simulations are spectacularly underwhelming.

Reichu: Shinji would have gotten more practical combat training with "Duck Hunt". At least THOSE targets move.

Hexon.Arq: I'm certain I've had experiences like Shinji's while playing a video game, probably to unlock some secret goodie that requires loads of brain-dead repetition. Of course, Shinji gets bupkiss for this.

Soluzar: Considering that it's a cardboard Angel, and doesn't have an A.T. Field, what is the point, exactly? I can see that Shinji needs to get better at target practice, but I bet the juice to activate an Eva costs about a trillion bucks a minute!

Reichu: (Perhaps they should consider using a more efficient power source, like propane. ;;>)

Dr. Nick: Well, in Stratos 4 the Meteor Sweeper pilots used to practice their sharp-shooting skills at a normal rifle-range, which is not very plausible either — I mean, how does it help you to fire a big-ass homing missile any more accurately?

Reichu: The creators of this simulation at least have prognosticated the tendency of some later Angels to enigmatically explode at the moment of death. Sachiel doesn't count, IMO, since his explosion seems to have been a more conscious, last-ditch "If I'm going to die anyway, I'll at least try to take you with me!" kamikaze sort of thing. Whereas the others, well, just keel over and blow up.