FGC:Episode 02 Cut 213

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Ritsuko:“What's going on with the Eva's defense system!?”

Ibuki:“The signal's not working!”

Ritsuko looks at the monitor.

Hyuga (OFF):“The Field's not deploying!”

Ritsuko:“———It's no use!?”

SE <<Off-screen, the sound of wires snapping.>>

Woman (OFF):“Degree of damage is 0.8, 1.7, 4.6, 10.5, 38.2…”

Shin-seiki: I wonder: just how, exactly, does one go about getting an EVA to "deploy" an A.T. Field? It's doesn't correspond to anything a human normally consciously does, like moving one's arms and legs…

thewayneiac: Yeah, Shinji should have to yell something like, "Eva A.T. Field, deploy!" (in English, of course).

Reichu: There is the possibility that deploying the A.T. Field is a special function that is not controlled "ordinarily," i.e., by simply thinking about it. The entry plug apparently makes contact with the core itself, so perhaps the same technology that allows synchronization with the resident soul also 'stimulates' the soul to deploy the ATF. Then again, there's stuff later on that blatantly invalidates this idea.