FGC:Episode 02 Cut 206

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

FGC 02 C206 a.jpg

FGC 02 C206 b.jpg

FGC 02 C206 c.jpg

Sachiel with the rooftops of the buildings in front. The head of the Eva in hand, he lifts her up.
EVA-01 is like a marionette whose strings were cut; Sachiel moves like a crane, machinelike.
Reichu: Interesting metaphors… The Evas are repeatedly referred to as "dolls" (ningyou) or "toys" (omocha), while both they and the Angels suffer the indignity of being compared to machines — which, as will be increasingly apparent, neither are. Granted, here the animator certainly did his job; Sachiel's movement is very mechanical, and the accompanying sound effect reinforces this.